September 2nd, 2010

Looking for a post...FOUND THANKYOU!

There was a post where someone was selling very cute lolita wigs, the preview picture was of a pink wig, with short puffy side pony tails. 
I used the search function but then I couldn't find it. ;__;

My bookmarks didn't seem to have it and my history can't find it either. 

The post linked to their shop and the wigs has pink,lavender, blue... and other very cute colors! 
If I remembered correctly, the price was listed in Euro...?

Thank you everyone!
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Hey girls - there's been a big change of plans.

The hurricane looks like it's mostly going to miss us, but if you live out east on Long Island you should expect your power to go out!

Unfortunately, it looks like Chelsea Piers is closed for the Labor Day weekend. How silly of them!

The lovely itachifangirl26 suggested that we go picnicing on Governors Island, where there will be a food truck event with foods from all over Manhattan.

So here's what I propose.

Meetup Location:

Grounded is a coffee and organic tea place in the West Village, on Jane and 4th. The closest subway stop is the 8th Avenue - 14th street station on the A, C, E, or L lines.

We will have some coffee or ice cream and just gather - you don't have to eat anything here, but I'll probably get tea of some kind since it comes highly recommended.

Then we'll take the train to the South Ferry, and take the ferry across to Governors Island for the picnic event.

Meetup Time: 12:30 pm

How much money? Same as I told you the first time, probably anywhere between $30-40.

How long will we be there? A while, at least. We'll see when everyone wants to go. If you want to meet us at the ferry, we'll try to be there by 2:00 because the event ends at 5:00.

Can I bring my own food? I know they're trying to make us buy their food, but if you're broke like me, you're more than welcome to bring your own food.

Even if you RSVPed before, please respond again! I hope to see you there despite all the confusion!
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