September 1st, 2010

Lolita Character in Moyashimon

Hey! Just to let you all know, there is a BROLITA (played by a female ironically) character in the fairly new series Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture! Moyashimon is a cute live-action comedy based off of a manga with the same name about a agriculture student in college who can see adorable micro-organisms with his naked eyes! His name is Kei Yuki, a childhood friend of the main character Tadayasu.

Luckily he's not an ita; in fact, BTSSB  designed the outfit (and it's on sale)! You can watch the show with English subtitles through FUNimation's Youtube channel.

(There isn't a picture of him outside of the anime version and the one Baby provided right now.)

looking for taobao reviews and a suggestion

like a lot of people i have started to look into the wonderful world of taobao. after going through one of the lists complied by fellow lolis on this site i couldn't find any reviews for a couple of shops. i'm wondering has anyone bought anything from these stores? and if so do you have any pics and comments about them?

shops in question:
dream garden
Cherry accessory shop can't find the name of this shop in the list)
Akane & Alois
also i was thinking it'd be cool to have these posts in the memories or something of that nature:

as people are deciding between quiteland and shopping services and people continue to look for cute decent clothing for a smaller price i think it'd make sense to have this somewhere easily accessible.

lastly, i remember faerydragonet  mentioning briefly how to understand the rating system of each store. i'm a bit confused about this because i remember reading that 4 diamonds and more are good, but i am confused as to what the hearts and other icons like crowns mean. could someone explain the rating system more thoroughly please?

thanks. :)

harry potter

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thanks for all your help guys, you've convinced me to purchase that dress!

now i have two questions before i buy it:

1. what kind of petticoat should i wear underneath? i don't want it to be TOO poofy, but i don't want it to be all deflated either.
is there anywhere i can buy one that's not online? I don't have to order it from bodyline, right?

2. the larger size is sold out, but the medium size is about a couple centimeters smaller than my bust. the waist I can fit in.

the measurements of the dress are
Length 92cm
Bust 84-94cm
Waist 68-78cm

and I'm
Bust: 38 in (96ish cm)
Waist: 30 in (76ish cm)
Hips: 39 in (99ish cm)

you think I could do it?

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Mr Yan 50% Off sale! WORST SALE EVER!

 I am wondering if anyone actually managed to get anything from this sale? This is probably the worst sale that has ever existed! Last year's sale weren't that great either (in terms of prices) but the pages loaded! This year the pages take over 10 minutes to load, never load, don't load properly or get a 500 error. The worse part is their Japanese site works perfectly!

I'm just wondering if Mr Yan sold enough items to get a birthday cake!

EDIT: Site is still lagging but you can now surf the site and order!!!!! Sale has also been extended!

Gothic & Sweet Lolita fashion portfolio

Hello everybody! ^^

(If this post is somehow inappropriate for the community rules, please tell me and I will alter or delete it.)

I thought I would share the beginning of my portfolio of EGL, EGA, Sweet Lolita and Lolita-inspired fashion photography. Without further ado...
(It's completely SFW, of course!)

Perhaps you'll recognize someone you know? Either way, I'd love if you just went and had a look. There isn't much yet, but more photos will be added ongoingly, so keep checking back, if you like.

All the best to you all <3
xx Rebecca

Modelling credits as is.. harlyharlekin, Flokati, Chi, Sabaku No Tai and Essie Morbide. I say thanks to everyone for their amazing modelling work, and look forward to many more great commissions <3
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The ongoing quest for the perfect boots...

I've been looking for about a year and a half now for the perfect pair of platform boots, and wondered if any of you ladies and gents could help me with my quest...

I actually found a pair that are almost exactly what I want, but the trouble is, they are from Blaek Saint, who have an unfortunate reputation for having footwear that looks great in the photos and turn up disappointing. These are the boots:

They're just what I want (though in all black) - slim, no bubble-toe, nice platform, and look like they may have minimal annoying ankle-bunching.

- Has anyone ordered from Blaek Saint recently and know the quality to have improved or not?
- Does anyone know of this style of slim platform boot anywhere else, brand or otherwise? I've checked most of the usual lolita taobao stores and shoe sellers, but most of them have bubble-toes.
- Does anyone know any reputable shoe-makers who will work from photos to a good quality and in a timely manner?

Many thanks everyone :)