August 31st, 2010

:O Cut for the not intersted! xD

Collapse )Ok so Sep. 21  I will be meeting my dad for the first time!    I have told him about "Lolita Fashion" and he dosent NOT like it. but,
he is sending me money to buy a lolita dress, shoes,ect,ect.... The catch is it has to be in Country Lolita (He like that the most).
I'm kinda new to Lolita and have never really put together a country loli outfit. He is sending me $300.00(hehe wow!)
So I need help finding shoes, a headress, and a bag, and anything else that goes with a Loli outfit.   That is the pic of the dress I am buying. Oh and do you think I should wear a shirt or no?
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Who's going to Hyperjapan/ hotel reccomendations?

Hiya! Just got our tickets for hyperjapan in London since today is the last day to get them at a discount. I was wondering, who else is definitely going? Does anyone know roughly how many people will be there? I'm getting excited now I have my tickets, looking forward to meeting some of you!

Also, I was wondering if anyone could give suggestions on hotels in the area? I've never been to London before so I don't know what to expect. Even if you can tell me which hotels to avoid, that would be good XD any other info and the like would also be welcome.

- L
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Icy New York Summer Meetup | RAIN DATE CALLED

here is the original post.

In light of Hurricane Earl, I am prematurely calling the meetup and moving it to the rain date of Sunday, September 5th. Please post here if this changes your RSVP.


Hurricane Earl is set to scoot by Long Island and the tri-state area late in the evening Friday, leaving scattered thunderstorms throughout the day on Saturday. Since there is still a chance the storm might shift inland, leading to evacuations, I don't want to take any chances. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and I know how nasty these storms can be, so I don't want to give anyone an excuse to stick around when they should be getting the hell out of dodge.

Don't let me scare you! It's not certain that this storm will make landfall, and all models currently have it barely missing NYC - still hitting it and Long Island with the dirty side of the storm, meaning torrential rains, high winds and possible storm surges.

KEEP AN EYE ON THE WEATHER if you live in the possible path of this storm. If the weatherman starts telling you to GTFO... well, GTFO.
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Hello lovelies! I'm sure if i looked around hard enough there is a comm for this but i don't have a ton of time here in the airport before my flight ^^;;; i am on my way to Australia!!! I know there is a large community down under and i was wondering if any of you would like to meetup or what loli shops i should go to etc... I'm going to be in Sydney, Melbourne, and Port Douglas more or less... also ayers rock but i don't suppose there is much loli stuff to do there XD. I can't bring my dresses to wear (i'm going for 3 weeks so i had to pack light) but it would be lovely to meet some new friends! I've got my lappytop so i can check this post and my email :) i'm so excited to go to a new place!
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Northeast USA Lolis-- Zenkaikon V-- Fashion Show Interest?

Hello, fellow lolis!
Zenkaikon ( is an event I always make sure to attend every year. I know that lots of cons are having lolita fashion shows nowadays. I was thinking that it'd be great if I could help bring a loli fashion show to Zenkaikon. I'm interested in running a lolita fashion show at Zenkaikon V.
Since Zenkai is a smaller con, I wouldn't be able to get designers to send clothes, and I don't have an extensive enough closet to outfit models. The way I was thinking it would work is that I could have models sign up and bring their own outfits to the show. Before I signed up to run the panel, I just wanted to make sure that there'd be interest enough to pull this show off. We can't pay models, and I'd rather have girls (and boys!) who are already acquainted with the fashion anyway.
Also, if this is going to happen, I'll try to see if the con could provide passes to models that don't want to attend the con. (i.e. The model would show a model pass or the like at registration, perform in the show, and then leave as soon as the show is over.)
If there's enough interest I'll post an official model sign up form later. ****Posting now does NOT make you committed to this show-- it's just an interest gauge to help my decision to attempt this or not.****

TL;DR If you're interested in being a model at a lolita fashion show at Zenkaikon V and can provide your own outfit, please comment!

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Roll Call #2! Kajonk-A-Con 2010

Kajonk-A-Con 2010
Location: UT Conference Center, Knoxville, TN, USA (NOT the massive glass Expo Center, BTW)
Dates: November 12th to the 14th
Panel Date: To Be Determined (Most likely the 13th)

I need to know whether the following people will still be able to come as of today. This isa second roll call for the people who have offered. As we get closer and closer to the con there will be more roll call posts to see who's really coming.
Here I'll list the people and the styles they offered to wear. If you would like me to change any of the information just say so in the comments.

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Photoshoot: French Nobility

This spring, stratamander and I approached the wonderful louis_etoile about doing a shoot with her and an amazing Lolita outfit she'd made that was inspired by Louis XVII, using a park of historic houses downtown here in Houston as the setting.

She agreed, and our final theme for the shoot became Alexis de Tocqueville's visit. He was a famous French scholar who visited America for an extended tour back in the day, so we borrowed the idea of the French visiting America. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Model and ensemble: louis_etoile. A big thank you again for your hard work and patience!
Photographer: stratamander, who cheerfully puts up with my negative space obsession. ^_^;
Assistant/Editor: Me.

Lolita at the library photoshoot

This photoshoot is done for my new fashion blog :)


I've always wanted to do a lolita shoot at a library and I'm so glad that I was finally able to do it last week. >///< *happy* I want to show everyone that nerds like me
can be lolitas too instead of the princesses that everyone aspires to be >w< (Though I want to be a princess too hahahaha)

x x x x x x

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Bodyline Issue? -_-

I've tried repeatedly for over an hour now to navigate the bodyline website and make a payment. Is anyone else having issues with the site, and does anyone know if there is trouble on the site?


I will delete this once answered.