August 30th, 2010


Hello fellow loli princesses I have some questions a bout this dress  if any ones baught it
.how is the quality
.is there anything I should be worried abot
.hows the dress without the petticoat
.and any thing else you  can tell me

I really need to know before i buy because last time i stayed up until like 1:00 trying to get a refund !

♥ thanks
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Colorful Paris Windows

Cars! Not The Movie.

So I was thinking about a subject I rarely hear or see talked about with Lolitas, unless Hello Kitty or a loli brand puts out something special, cars and transportation! How do you get to and from your meet ups? What kind of car do you drive on a regular basis? Is it very lolita? I want to see your cars! Collapse )

Lolita on TV

I looked at other posts and used the search function so I don't think anyone has posted this.
There's a show on the Travel Channel hosted be Samantha Brown and while she was in Japan for a episode she saw lolitas. They appear in the last 5 minutes of the episode.

Dragon*Con - Atlanta, GA - Sept 3rd - 6th! - (New Post/Reminder - Accidentally deleted the original)

You do NOT need to have a badge for the con to come to these!

Since I haven't seen or heard of anything official going on this year I thought we could do an informal lunch meet-up on Friday and a photoshoot Saturday. It' pretty much impossible to do something at Dragon*con when everybody is free so hopefully everybody will get to attend at least one. If there's a huge problem with this schedule I can move the lunch to Saturday and the photoshoot to Sunday. I'm not moving it though unles a lot of people say they can't attend either. I haven't seen anything anywhere else with any plans for a meet and I would really hate to go the whole con without seeing any other lolitas!

Friday, 1 PM - A late lunch at Pacific Rim Bistro. You can check the site for pricing. Dinner is rather expensive but lunch is much more reasonable and will probably be less busy. I need an approximate on how many people are coming so I can call ahead. There's no way to please everybody but it's pan-asian so there should be a lot for everybody to choose form. PLEASE let me know if you are coming to this!

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Saturday, 2PM - Photoshoot on the 10th floor of the Mariott. The 10th floor is a great open space for photos. I participated in a Disney shoot there last year and it was really ideal for an indoor photoshoot. Since it's the 10th floor it's out of all the main traffic but still HUGE.

Lolita 'til the end

Let's face it, some day we're going to grow old; none of us are immortal.
I know some of us will even leave lolita later but I know that some of you will be brave enough to live lolita until the end. So, when you do still hold on to lolita and are old, how do you plan to look like it and live it? Or do you plan to leave lolita at a point somewhere in your life?

P.S. When I say old, I mean like eighty years old.