August 27th, 2010

Kaname, Vampire Knight

Anna House blouse sizing question

Hey everyone, I'm new to the community and lolita in general. I've had a look through various reviews and done a search but I haven't really seen anything which could help me so I thought I'd ask here.

I thought that a good starting point for building up my wardrobe would be to order some base items from AH (since I'm on a budget and can no way afford brand lol). I have a few items in mind which I plan to order as soon as I get some money but I'd like to be sure of something first.

I want to buy some blouses which can't be bespoken, so I need to do some careful size guessing because I'm an awkward size.

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sweet lolita 4

69th department questions

i was searching for 69th department shoe reviews, but i found only two T-T so, i'd like to ask some questions:

how fast was the shipping?

what about communication?

did you have any negative experience(s)?

lolita lola rhs with leather straps - if you have bought them, how did they fit you?
do you think that their prices are reasonable?

thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english TwT

aaand have a nice day & enjoy weekend ^___^
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Kim Myoung Jae

Meetups with the Polish Lolita Community?

I'm going to Poland and will be there from sept 4th-sept20th with my fiance visiting his family. I want to try to see if I can find some lolitas to meet up with there, but I don't know much Polish. I know they speak english, but I feel like I would be imposing to go to one of their meetups and not speak the country's language. I'm not completely sure about how they would feel about having to speak english to me.

Would it be okay to bring my polish-speaking fiancee? IDK. I've never had a non-english speaker attend a meetup in the states, but if they did, and I spoke a little of their language, I would welcome them, but we wouldn't have much to talk about, lol.

Any suggestions?

Qutieland pricing? Overcharging or not?

Recently I've been looking into buying from Taobao stores, and seeing as Qutieland is popular I decided to look further into it. Qutieland is pretty well know here, and is a popular store which re-sells products from Taobao stores, a kind of shopping service I suppose.

Anyway, I looked into the pricing on Qutieland and then looked at the pricing of the original from the actual Taobao store. For example, I really want to buy this jacket from Momo and Jia baby.

Qutieland is charging 495 HKD + 50 for the oversize.  495+50= £45.17 NOT including shipping. With shipping it's just over £70

The orignal brand is charging 278 HKD I'm not sure how much the tailor made size is, but it should be around 50 HKD. Shipping for is about £15 for shipping and they offer 50 % off shipping. 278+ 50 = 328 HKD £27

Can someone please explain to me why Qutieland charges even more than the original brand? I wrote them an email asking them this very question and I am waiting their reply. I'm just curious as to why the highten the prices, and they don't even include the shipping or the oversize cost.

Thanks for the help.
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