August 25th, 2010

Lolita store in Richmond?

I heard there was a Lolita clothing store in Richmond BC. Does anybody have any ideas where they are and what the store is called? Someone told me they moved to Richmond from Metrotown. but I have no idea where they are and they don't appear in internet search.

Lolita prints image request

Hi, do you know where I can find high quality images of major lolita brands prints (mostly AP and Baby), I mean something like this:

They have to be high quality and show the full print motif because they serve me as reference for a collection of loli inspired  clay accessories I'm planning to create (so I need to see the details)
Thanks in advance :)

A couple of shoe questions

1)  I want to buy taobao shoes using a shopping service, but I don't understand the shoe size. When I bought them through livejournal, I was 24.5, but on taobao the sizes are 34, 35, 36 etc.

2) What has happened to secret shop shoes? Their taobao site does not have any shoes on... 
An*tai*na make teaparties and I wonder are they the same (or same quality)?

Thanks :)

AE shoot number 2~

Here's my second shoot from Anime Evolution! Same photographer, same place, just this time at night and in hime!

Also in the shoot was a suuuper cute Ciel cosplayer named Ashlee. She's so sweet and we had a lot of fun, I got to pretend to be her ~older madame~ lol

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Themed Loli?


I was working on some dress designs just now, and I was wondering what the general consensus was on "Themed" loli dresses/ outfits? I'm talking about well done ones, not cheesy, costume-y ones. (well made vs. costume satin)

I myself like them. I design dresses for everything. For example, I designed a coord based on my college's mascot, including an embroidered seawolf and a wolf eared headbow.

What do you think? Are they all evil, some ok, some not, all ok? Thoughts, comments, questions are all welcome.


P.S. This is a seawolf:

Though I will be using a different version of the logo on my dress.