August 24th, 2010

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Friendly Reminder: Feedback!

Feedback time!

I know often enough, we forget to leave feedback for people we've had transactions with on the egl_comm_sales  community. I'd like to just remind everyone to leave feedback for anyone they haven't left feedback for.

Your feedback will help others so please take a few minutes to go through your backlog of transactions and help your fellow community members out! I bumped out 8 of them in a row so it gets really quick once you get into it.

Fun mode: Put music in the background, it will help it go faster! GO GO GO :-) 

Here is the feedback community:

For those who are not forgetful like me and always leave feedback, THANK YOU!

A Question for the San Francisco Lolitas

Hello ladies! My fiance and I will be traveling to San Francisco later this year, at the beginning of December, and I'm wondering what would you recommend doing/seeing? I know we have a very large group of SanFran lolitas; I'm looking for either "lolita-esque" activities, or really anything in general you enjoy in the city. I've only been once before (for just one day!) for a job interview, and this time it will be for fun. Of course visiting BTSSB is on the list, but I'm rather clueless as to what else...?

Has this already been discussed? Lemme know, I didn't see it anywhere!
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Swiss Roll Pink

DIY Sewing Kits and Original Print Fabric

Would anyone be interested in beginner sewing kits for skirts? I am thinking of starting to sell original print fabric and I’ve also had the idea of releasing a kit with everything you need to do a simple elastic waist, lace trim, lined skirt. The kit would include my original print fabric, lining fabric, elastic, a lace trim, and instructions. I’m estimating it would cost around $35 and all you would need is a sewing machine and thread. It would be an easy project for beginners as well as anyone who would like a cute easy DIY kit. The fabric in yard increments would also be available for people to make other garments out of. The print I am thinking about releasing this with is my Lovenotes and Lockets print (kit would be of a different design, same fabric) and other fabrics will follow.

Is there any interested in printed fabric like these or a skirt sewing kit?
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AmaBeannLoli's Taobao Review!

**Posted With Mod Approval**

Okay. So here goes my little review. I've never done one before, so don't expect this to be amazing, alright? 

So, I ordered from TaoBaoNow on the 4th of August. These are the stock images of what I ordered:

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So there we have it, my God awful review!

Mini me

Cherries and Cake skirt

I just finished sewing a new lolita skirt. I call the pattern Cherries and Cake. I was surprised the pattern turned out so well! It's pleated and gathered at the top and sewn onto a waist band. Sorry about the nearly nonexistent poof, I'm only using a skirt that strikes my fancy as a decent petticoat until I get a real one. The "petticoat" was just picked up at Charlotte Russe.

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Meta Old Emblem co-ordinates.

 I have recently purchased an Old Emblem skirt by Metamorphose. I chose the pink colour. However, I am unsure what to wear this skirt with as I am still relatively new to lolita and my wardrobe is small. I will have a little money next month and so I was wondering if somebody could suggest the sort of items I should look out for and what may look good? I was thinking a dark red cardigan or jacket with an off-white blouse and socks. I am unsure what colour shoes I should use either. Does anybody have any ideas?

Being a Lolita

 'Ello! I'm new in the community this is my first post! I am a new lolita. I have a vast knowledge about lolita fashion. There is only one problem...I don't own any loli clothes! :( someone help me!!  I'd rather sew most of my clothes but most sites with lolita styled patterns were out of print. Someone out there help me with a site to buy lolita clothes or patterns similar! <3
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Picture/link requests :]

I'm looking for any worn pictures of this bodyline skirt, in any color. I'd appreciate it so much!

Link to skirt
If you happen to know that the measurements are or aren't accurate or have any other things to say about it from personal experience, please share! :D

I'm also looking for more things of this style if you can direct me to any favorite websites for more pirate-ish yet still lolita clothing I'd be ecstatic! Doesn't have to be strictly "pirate", I'm just looking for more neutral colors and things like you'd see in pirate/steampunk/medieval attire.

Thanks a ton! And I didn't think this needed to be under a cut, but if it does let me know.

Kim Myoung Jae

Shipping times for Fururun & Closet Child

So I ordered from fururun and closet child. How long do these places typically take to get things to you after you've paid? Don't forget to tell me your country so I can compare. I'm in the US myself. Both of them are using EMS shipping.

Thanks in advance!

PS. Did anyone see the AP socks for 12000 yen at fururun?? They must be a rare print? I ordered them thinking it was 1200Y because I didn't expect them to be quite that much. Perfect example of how psychologists say your brain changes what you actually see into what you think you should be seeing. I asked them to revise the invoice. I was wondering why it came out to this super high amount, lol

Pirate photoshoot at Anime Evolution in Vancouver!

Hi everyone! I very rarely post to the main community, but today I thought I'd share one of the two photoshoots I did this past Anime Evolution with the fabulous and really fun to work with, Ken Oum! It was super hot and my contacts were so dry I thought my eyes were going to fall out, but it was such a good time! <3
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photo request

I'm expecting a new pink cutsew soon and I wanted to make a matching layered skirt in Pink x Brown. now I was searching for some skirts like that for inspiration, but I couldn't find anything. knows anyone a skirt like that and is there a picture of it?  

thank you!