August 23rd, 2010

College Station, Texas Lolis?

 Hiyas! I was wondering if there are any College Station lolis out there? I know about the Houston Lolis, but I wanna know if there are any in College Station. Maybe even one or a few Aggie Lolis? I know this search is a long shot but i'm giving it a try anyway! 
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Attention Berlin-lolis! :D

My name is Mette Sørensen, I'm from Denmark. 
As a studenttrip we're going to Berlin next week and we just today found out that we're supposed to make an interview with a person of choice, when we're down there. I'll be interviewing about fashion - Japanese fashion, favorite brands and stuff, nothing special. 

Would there be any lolis interested in this? For the record I also need permission to take a photo of you and only use it for a presentation

Available interview days and times: Tuesday 31st - dinner | Wednesday 1st - almost all day, not evening. | Friday 3th - Only morning until noon. 

I'm staying at this hotel: "Hotel Arrival"
Lietzenburger Str. 30, Charlottenburg, 10789 Berlin

Comment here if interested or add me as msn, or e-mail me at:
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Craft Exchange Results

A couple months ago usagi13chan organized a craft exchange, and a lot of people participated (including myself!) I don't keep up with EGL as much as I should, but I haven't seen any photos of people's crafts, and that makes me a little sad-- I'd really love to see what people came up with!

My partner violet_bayou and I got to talking and decided we'd try to stir people up and get them posting, and also we're proud of them! ;)

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Anyway, we both had a lot of fun with the exchange! So, what did everyone else give/receive? I think it'd be a lot of fun if people told what information they had to work with, so that we could see how creative they got!
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The hunt for Classic boots

Hello! I'm trying to find a pair of tall brown boots suitable for Classic Lolita. I prefer an elegant aesthetic over a cute one, and it's difficult enough finding boots to begin with, so I was wondering if you could help?

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EDIT: So, thanks to some comments I happened upon this great pair, but because they look slightly different than I originally wanted, I'm having a hard time picturing them with Classic Lolita. What do you think?

Besides that, thank you all SO MUCH for your help!! Even if this isn't the right pair for me, I'm sure I'll find it with all the assistance you've offered!

Order from

Hello All! This is my first Live Journal post and I felt that it was very necessary.
Recently I placed an order with and broke the cardinal rule of internet shopping. I did not research the site before I placed my order, so I was very nervous after reading the negative reviews they got here. Well, my order was already placed so all I could do was hope and wait. Collapse )
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Ugh, lolita disappointments?

I just got in a package from Baby that I ordered AGES ago on sale, and they finally found the items for me~

Unfortunately, this boon is marred by two complications:
1. I got hit for the first time ever by customs fees. D: Sad panda.
2. Pocket Embroidery jsk had tulle on the bodice overlay, top ribbon accent, and straps D:

TULLE. It didn't show up in the photos, I hadn't seen anyone talking about this design, I had no idea. All I can think is that if the tulle on the bodice ever rips or something in cleaning, or LIVING, then I'll just have to get some help getting it professionally taken out. I've already decided I'm just taking some scissors and de-threaders to the tulle on the shoulder straps; it is ridiculous and offensive to my senses.

The thing is, it also kind of strikes me as ironic, same as the customs fee. It was just bound to happen eventually. I've always wondered how so many can buy these things online ONLY, as I saw personally how many things would be smashing on the website but have hidden perils revealed when you saw it in person. More than once I've seen a design in the store and just immediately thought "There are going to be a lot of disappointed girls ordering that D:". Not to mention trying to match colors across pieces.

How about you? What kind of lolita disappointments have you had? X3 You know you've been surprised by something! I commiserate with your frilly trials and lacy tribulations ;^;
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