August 22nd, 2010

Reading Lolita

     I always like to incorporate lolita in daily life (we probably all do) and I was thinking about books/novels/memoirs that are lolita-inspired. Instantly, I thought of Bizenghast(the novel) but I couldn't think of anymore books... =/ So do you guys and gals have any more suggestions?

P.S. I'm not too sure if a topic like this has already been posted, so feel free to delete this unnecessary post.

moroccan silent film

Lolita-related Research


Hullo EGL =)

My name is Virginie and I’m doing some research for my undergrad dissertation – I’m a Management student at King’s College London and my paper will be fashion marketing-based. I’m looking at comparing different Neo-Victorian subcultures (including Lolita) and seeing how attitudes, values and aesthetic tastes differ across the pretty broad spectrum of everything that falls under the label “Neo-Victorian”.

Basically I am looking around for participants – as part of my research I’ll be conducting online interviews via chat (MSN and Skype). If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me at virginiepithon (@) and ask me any questions you may have – all contact details and personal details will be kept confidential (including usernames) and the research is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in Lolita.

Also, anyone who participates will of course be allowed to have a look-see at the final essay.

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Thanks to everyone that replied guys! :DD The response has been pretty overwhelmingly positive, I didn't think I'd get anything like this many people interested - if you've e-mailed me I will definitely get back to you with more info at some point today or tomorrow regarding the research. Thanks again - I just wanted to say I think I've got the right number of participants that I can manage now, so thank you guys. 
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San Francisco BTSSB Luckypack Day of Craziness

Last Saturday was the one year anniversary of the opening of Baby the Stars Shine Bright & the New People building in San Francisco. To celebrate they had lucky packs for sale. I was unsure if I'd show up and be the only crazy person there early. Nope, when I got there I found a huge line, some got there as early as 7am. There was BTSSB luckypacks in small, medium & large, and also Alice & the Pirate packs for women and for men.

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