August 21st, 2010

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Everyone Knows Miscy loves Shoes!

I've been shoe shopping lately and have seen some amazing finds out there. Below is a few of my faves and 'dream' shoes (so pardon some of the prices ^^;). 90% of them are for classic or gothic style... most sweet style girls go for the teaparty shoes for the most part i feel lately ^^;

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A Lolita Laptop

 I saw someone did this to their Macbook through my newsfeed on Facebook 0.0  Thought It was epicly clever :O  And I thought you all would enjoy ^_^  Now I must have one D:

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UK Shopping Services [SS]

So I tried looking on the search engine here but as usual nothing crops up, as far as I am aware there's not an up-to-date list of those in the UK willing to do an SS.
So I am comprising a list here, anyone who wants to be listed please comment :)

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Way behind on the Lolita times...

Hello all of you guys I haven't heard from in forever!
Well, as unfortunate as this is for me to have to say, I am leaving Lolita. :(
The expenses are simply too much, and as we all know, times are pretty hard. Other things have become more important in my life, such as school, work, and my art. I no longer have time for Lolita.
So, I really need to get around to selling my Lolita clothes.
I have lots of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with very very little wear (hardly ever found an excuse to wear lolita anyways), as well as some other staple items such as bloomers and petticoats, shoes, the works.
I tried checking out the EGL Sales comm, but was so confused because I haven't been part of the community in so long. This would be my first time selling any of my Lolita, so I have no feedback, which has apparently now become a requirement...

So it would be wonderful if someone could help me with all I need to know to sell all of my Lolita clothes! I really don't even know where to get started. So, um.. please help!

anna house help

hi i was interest in buying from anna house but on their website it says they only accept hong k dollars ...have anyone ever order from their company if so what method of payment did you use. credit, paypal etc
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If anyone is attending the Super Happy Summer Funtime meetup today in Santa Monica, and lives in or near Altadena/Pasadena, please let me know! Until today I thought I had a ride, but due to a family emergency I'm not sure yet whether I do or not.
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Edit: Things have worked out, and my original ride can still take me. Whew!
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Sailor Moon and Lolita?

Well as some of you might know it's the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon soon. In honour of this I'm making Sailor Moon's Fuku as a Lolita cord (must work on sewing skills! lol) 

But I was thinking can anyone else think of ways to add cute (yet subtle! I don't want this to look Cosplay)elements of Sailor Moon to Lolita? I am partly inspired by this post on the Moon Collection blog:

The easiest way I can think of to do it would be SM inspired jewellery (so Chibi-usa's Time Key on a necklace with a large crystal. Or cresent moon earrings etc.) or hair in odango (which is quite easy to do I discovered) Anyone else got ideas? (and it doesn;t have to be just Moon ideas, I'm open to suggests for the other Senshi too)

And on an additional note does anyone else think this necklace from meta looks VERY Sailor Moon inspired? (Picture taken from The Ugly Duckling blog) Anyone know of other stuff like this?

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