August 19th, 2010

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DHL losing a shipment :/

Hey ladies.

So, I placed a bodyline order for one of my friends since her tight mother won't let her order internationally (and I've done it many times before) and of course, it would be this time that DHL loses my shipment. They've been consistent about calling me every day with updated information, and right now they've figured out that despite the fact that it says on my tracking number that it has reached Cincinatti, Ohio, it apparently never did. They called Hong Kong and Hong Kong said they shipped it out a while ago, and that it wasn't there. And now they're calling Japan to get a description of what the box should look like.

tracking number URL:

SO. My question is: Have any of you ever had a lost shipment? If so, what did you do and what came out of the situation? :/ I'm calm at this point, but both me AND my friend will be going off to college next week, so. Yeah. This is bad.

EDIT: 8/20; they found my package :D! It was in the Ohio facility the entire time. They sent me pictures including the package's contents, which I was less than pleased about because I don't like it when people rifle through my stuff, but they did tell me the package will get here Tuesday at the latest, which is a huuge blessing, since I'm moving Wednesday and I was soo worried xD
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Bodyline style shipping

 I have  a quick question. 

Do you guys like the Body line style shipping were you pay the same shipping charge no matter how much you order ?
or do you prefer per item shipping charges?

I'm asking because the post office has bubbled my shipping cost in the last 2 years . so when i rebuild the site i'm re-doing my shipping charges as well, and what you guys say is going to have a big effect on how its set up.

New question: Is sweet lolita OK to start off in?

New Question:

I was wondering if Sweet Lolita was okay to start off in?
I must say that that is the style I like most.

Original Question:
*answered...alot. xD*
 I was wondering if one pieces needed blouses?
I know they need petticoats, bloomers, and socks and all that.
But do they need blouses?
I feel like I'm spamming >>

- MariAna
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Hi :)

My friend works at a picture printing company, and they said they will give me a large framed image for free.

The only problem is, all the pictures in my lolita folder are small and low quality.

Does anyone have any large + good quality lolita photos/art that would make good a good framed picture?

I think other lolis might find this useful too ^_^

BPN SF store sale

Hey does anyone know what's the hype around this weekend's sale? I got info that they are bringing out new sale items that weren't on sale last weekend. I actually went to the BPN SF store for their 1 year anniversary sale last week and was wondering if you guys thought it would be worth it to go again this weekend for a possible sale.

New post about an old post.

I remember a loooong time I was looking through a post about lolita rooms and somebody posted this picture of this super-cute bedding with a link.  I tried looking through the archives for the post, but I can't find it. :( I was wondering if anyone else saw the post/ made it and knew where this bedding came from?