August 17th, 2010


Innocent Ordering Questions Help? SOLVED!

 I ordered a cardigan from Innocent World during their sales period which ended like one day ago. I placed my order on 12 Aug but other that the automatic email, I haven't receive any invoice payment email from them. How long do I have to wait to ask them about it? And since I ordered it during the sales period and it ends already, will they charge me based on sales price or normal price?

I had used the search function but nothing I saw was really helpful. 

Thanks! =)

EDIT: Thanks for the comments! I received the second email from them already! 

Illustrations of Men's Regency Fashion

I hope this isn't a bother...but I've been looking for pictures that were posted here once, that were illustrations of young men wearing Regency era fashion....they were wearing designer brands like Gucci, Armani, etc., and the captions were in French.  This was posted a few years ago, and everyone commented on how attractive the men looked.  I've been trying to find the pictures for 30 minutes now, in the memories, searching, random Google searching, etc., but I'm not getting anything helpful.  I'm wondering if maybe someone saved the pictures onto their hard drive or something, or if they remember the name of the post.

Any help is appreciated, and sorry for the trouble.
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Re-fluffing a petticoat?

I have searched everywhere on how to re-fluff a petticaot but I either find a list of where to buy fluffy petticoats, people asking which petticoat has more fluff, how to keep a petti from loosing it's poof, ect. But I can't find where to make a petti regain it's poof. Are you supposed to do certain things regarding if it's an organza petti that you wouldn't do on a tulle? Any help would be great.

Best vintage/thrift stores in downtown chicago?

My boyfriend and I are planning a big shopping trip when I move to chicago, and he adores aristocrat, dandy, victorian, etc. We have enough trouble as it is finding clothes we like online, so now we're going to try thrift and vintage shops.

Question is, where is the BEST place you've been able to find clothes, in chicago, that could be used for the men's side of the fashion? (If there are places you like to check for lolita things as well i myself don't mind looking, but right now we're looking for him ;D) *x-posted to chigothloli


min and max measurements for BTSSB pocket embroidery jsk

The jsk I'm asking about has buttons on the bodice and a "B" embroidered on tje pockets,not the other design.
The seller told me it was made before baby's S,M,L sizes were released.
i looked on the search engine and found that it's about 37'' bust and 33'' waist without using the shirring and ribbon ties on the back
so to anyone who own this dress ,could you tell me the max measurements for it?

Hampshire/ South England Lolitas

 Hi!! I'm a Spanish lolita moving to Southampton for Uni with a lolita friend next month for a year. I'd like to know if there are some girls in the area so we could meet up every now and then and have a tea or something ^-^

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