August 16th, 2010

Recent Bodyline Price Raise

 I've searched this, but didn't find any info. So I'm sorry if this question is annoying/noobish. 

I've noticed that Bodyline has recently raised their prices. I've heard this has happened before. Do they eventually fall? Or do they just keep getting higher? :/

I was just wondering.
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Working while Wearing Lolita

We like clothes. We have jobs to pay for clothes. Oftentimes, we can't wear those clothes to our jobs.
But what about when we can?

I want to hear about people who wear lolita to work! I poked around with the search function and found mostly stuff about not wearing lolita to work because it's not appropriate.

Starting next semester I'm going to be an undergraduate TA for "Introduction to Engineering Computation" (basically, intro to MATLAB/mathematical modeling). I'm holding help sessions every week, and I'm planning on wearing lolita...I find the idea of being unrepentantly girly while doing a stereotypically non-girly thing to be appealing :)

ETA: it's a really laid-back atmosphere with about 20 people max; I'm not teaching a class, just helping people with the assigment. Most my (lolita) wardrobe is pretty tame classic/sweet stuff in solid colors, and my school is pretty liberal/open-minded about everything, including personal appearance. We also have an Asian fashion show every spring (traditional fashion and modern street fashion), and quite a few people do know what lolita is, even if they don't follow it.

Baby sizing

Sorry for the weird question, but is there any way to tell whether a Baby JSK is small, medium, or large sized? I can't find anything on one I got in a lucky pack, and the internet archive thing isn't helping me much.

All I can find is that attached to the inside Baby logo tag is a square tag with 2 hearts on it.

Thanks in advance!

Nara & Hokkaido Lolita shops?

So, I'm going to Nara, Japan soon, and after that Hokkaido. I want to use some of the time to, buy clothes, buuuuuut I can't find anything about a shop in either of those areas!!! Some help please?
(Ugh... not another ridiculously short entry :P)