August 13th, 2010


Starry Candy Box and Harajuku Hearts at SacAnime

Due to our success at Anime Expo, Harajuku Hearts and Starry Candy Box are pleased to announce that we will be attending SacAnime from September 3rd to 6th.In addition to what you've grown to expect, we will also be introducing some new brands and products. Come and check us out!

For those who are interested, or just want to say hi, just look for the pink clam! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
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how to creating a Lolita clothing line?

Hello! my name is courtney and I have a clothing line called Ebonnoire and ive been sewing for a few years now. I just started out last year but havent really had much luck finding customers. I was wondering what the most effective way to start building a Lolita clothing line? Ive read so many guides on how to start a normal clothing lines but they dont give me information im looking for like: Where can/should i advertise without annoying people? What do people like to see more of in lolita clothing lines? what are good items to sell besides the basics? whats an effective what to start a lolita clothing line? Any advice would be gladly appreciated

I have a question for all you lovely Lolita's out there!

This is my first post ever on anything so please don't be too agitated if this is in the wrong place or what not.
My ball this year is masquerade. And i really want to go in Gothic Lolita.
But i really have no idea what would suit masquerade.
So here's what id like to wear, something with black in it and possibly red, with possibly a corset.
SO could you guys please help me out with pictures, stock photo's, drawing's.
Anything really!!!!
Would be very appreciated!!!
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Review request

Hello! I saw this dress on Fan + friend and it looks really good but I'm a bit wary since it 's only 65$. Here's a picture so you can know which dress I'm talking about.

I'm wondering if anyone has this dress. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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What the fuh?

GLB Help

I've been out of the loop of Lolita for the last 3 years until the last month or so and I would like to update my collection of Gothic Lolita Bibles to the most recent one slowly but I don't know a good website to get them. Unfortunately, I do not remember where I use to get mine from a few years ago. I believe I have up to vol. 22 or 23. Could someone point me to a good site (not ebay) that has any? I REALLY prefer looking for brand new bibles from a reliable site, not second hand. Thanks so much for your time!
AP magic1


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Also in this post is the way I decided to style the wig and save it for those interested.

EDIT:  Just to reiterate, the reason I am writing this review is because I know there are some
Ebay sellers that use this stolen photo with incredibly low prices and still manage to produce
high quality wigs, so I'm just making people aware that I knowingly took a chance and this is just
an okay seller.
I DID NOT expect to have a perfect wig for $12 but thought it was worth the gamble since 
I know enough about wig styling to salvage them usually.
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Huge Etsy Sellers List

I am aware that there is already one of these. But, I have quite a few that the former list did not , and it is in the form of treasuries on Etsy. I have compilations of Lolita clothes, and a few things pertaining to Steampunk.

How my treasuries work: I try to find every Lolita seller on Etsy [excluding jewelry and such] that is to my knowledge, good quality. I will never post the same seller twice. Thus, try to look through every seller, even if that particular item does not appeal to you. Assuming of course, you have the time and will power to do so.

If you have an Etsy account, please comment on them! They are lacking in love.

If you have a shop that I do not have listed yet, chances are that I am working on getting it in a new treasury already. Regardless, let me know, just in case I missed you!
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