August 12th, 2010

Loli // AP sugary carnival

Loliable Knitting/Crochet patterns?

Just wondering if anybody here has come across any knitting or crochet patterns, or even blogsites that are dedicated to patterns/tutorials, for making anything loliable? In particular I was wondering if anybody has seen patterns to help make wrist cuffs? Though, I'll take anything you can offer.

Thanks for the help. :)

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wish to make a set of Prince Charming

Here you can see a costume that I have made in 2006, for some of historical dance group

Martin historical costume want to channge white

The cotume was made and tailored in Hong Kong, year 2006
now I wish to make one with White ( or light coloured ) colored coat, in a simplistic 'kodona' style, hopefully it suits more casual event, other than the historical dance events.

To EGL folks here, I beg your comment as I am still new to step out from historical dance to the EGL-like fashion. :)

"Gothic loli" Kim Pine in Scott Pilgrim

We've had posts here before of lolitas appearing in media (TV shows, comics, manga, etc.), and I just wanted to show one more.

For those of you who are fans of Scott Pilgrim, the manga-inspired comic series by Bryan Lee O'Malley, you may remember Kim Pine's "gothic lolita" stage get-up. XD

As most of you probably know, the movie based on that comic series opens tomorrow. Bryan Lee O'Malley has been posting behind-the-scenes photos to his twitter, and...guess which costume we get to preview?

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To wear or not to wear?

Louis Vuitton? Coach? Burberry? Is it fine to wear these kinds of bags with the lolita fashion?

By the way, I'm speaking of Classical Lolita or even Aristocrat. I think it could be possible since classical lolita is like being a rich girl with an aristocratic background. It fits the wealthy personality since those designer bags are expensive.

My considerate mother decided to buy me a handbag from Coach the other day. It doesn't have the popular design with the C's everywhere, my bag's design has actual coaches on it. So it has a classical feel to it. Please share your opinions!

Nana Kitade

Hime Styling

So I want to do a hime coordinate pretty soon, maybe for an upcoming meet up or con.  I have noticed that in pretty much every picture I have seen of this style, girls have that hair bump.  I personally am not a fan of the hair bump on me.  Do you guys have any ideas as to how to style hair for hime lolita without that?