August 11th, 2010

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Has anybody had any problems with Closet Child shipping a package to the wrong address? I recently ordered from them and the tracking number now says that delivery was attempted this afternoon... in a city I don't live in. :( I don't know if this was a closet child mistake or a post office mistake. I emailed closet child for any information but haven't heard back yet. There was a link on the tracking page where you could request a redelivery, so I did that and was able to write in the correct address there, but I'm worried that whoever the attempted delivery notice was left with will claim my package tomorrow or something. I'm also worried that Closet Child just mixed up tracking numbers and I just told the PO to deliver somebody else's package to my address... is anybody in Pleasant Hill, CA expecting something from Closet Child?

Should I try calling the Post Office tomorrow as well? I'm not sure which one to call. What would you do in my situation? If the package never reaches me, can I pursue a refund from Closet Child, even though it could be a post office problem and not their fault?

EDIT: Solved! While the tracking page still says a delivery was attempted yesterday in another city, I got a delivery attempt slip in my own mail box at home today telling me I can pick it up at my local post office after 9am tomorrow! (Of course, I was home all day and they didn't actually attempt to ring the doorbell, but they never do here and that's another story... :P) So, as many suggested it was most likely just a post office scanning problem or something. Thanks everyone for your help and advice!
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Image Request~~~

Does anyone have a pic of the Triple Fortune/CHantilly Pink and wine/maroon colored Alice bow that was in her booth at the Magical Boutique at 'Fantasies'?

If not then would anyone know if or where it might be possible to purchase the Chantilly products? Please let me know if I'm getting these mixed up. I'm still confused about it.

I saw it there and am kicking myself for not buying it, but I'm hoping someone will have a pick so I can request it on the comm_sales.


Hong Kong Shopping Guide

Hello everyone. I am new to this community.
While I am not a practicing Lolita myself (due to full time work, I can't really "dress up"), I do admit that I appreciate the aesthetics of it.

I was recently on a mission to find a pair of rocking horse shoes, because I think they're really stylish! That is how I found this community, and the following "Hong Kong Shopping Guides". The guides are really dated, but still I wrote down all of the suggested places to shop and attempted to visit them all.

Hong Kong changes really fast. Trends come and go, so a lot of the shops that were suggested are no longer operational.

Here are my findings:

Collapse )

I ended up buying a couple of items during my adventure:
  • A pair of black Montreal rocking horse mary-janes (they had the ribbon ones, and the flat pleather strap ones) I got the pleather strap, and they are super comfy. Walked around in them for 6 hours with no discomfort. The foam platform really does make a difference.

  • A chunky Mezzo Piano heart ring
  • Grand Ground dress, swatch close-up

  • Grand Ground leggings in Grey and Pink

Thanks for reading!
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Lolita Comic?

Hello, this is actually my first post here so I'm a little bit nervous. I've read the rules and browsed the FAQs, I've gone through the memories and even done a little searching but I'm not sure if this is allowed here. So if not, mods feel free to delete.

So, here we go. Recently, I've been into drawing and writing and such and being a lolita, I thought, what better subject then a lolita herself? And when I started getting into it, I started coming up with comic/manga ideas. I figured I can draw them and write up the scripts for them myself. I only have a few questions.

1: Would anybody read them? I mean like, get into them? I think they'd be fun to sell and show off at a Comic Con, but would any lolitas want to actually pick one up and give it a whirl? I guess it obviously depends on what the plot line is... But I thought I'd ask.

2: Would it be fine/acceptable/allowed to use brand names or things like Angelic Pretty/Meta/Milky-chan? Or would those be copyrighted or stuff like that? SOLVED. I will be doing name parodies.

I'm not sure of any more at the moment but thanks for reading!

EDIT: I'm wondering, would it be totally lame to make a group of lolitas (all different styles of lolita like punk, sweet, gothic) who have powers like Angelic Boom or Bright Sonic Star and stuff like that. With, like, parasols that double as swords? Or should I just make them normal?
EDIT: Okay, so after I've thought over it, I have decided that I'm going to start out giving away a comic or two online just so people can see if they're into it or not. If it becomes popular (fingers crossed that people like it), then I'll think about actually turning it into a real comic/manga.
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Lolita Dancing Shoes?

hello egl :)

I don't know if many of you are into dancing, esspecially into Tango argentino~
But since Tokyo is the second biggest town where Tango Argentino is danced, I came around wondering: Are there any Loli-able dancing shoes?
I love dancing tango argentino and thought of making it more lolita. A little hair accessoire, a nice blouse, long bloomers (too many poof isn't good on a milonga XD) and then: dancing shoes.
Here are typical dancing shoes:
Well, okay, you could add some bows or sth. like this... But I wanted to know if maybe someone of you knows a shop, where you can get maybe shoes with a cupcake pattern or something like that .-.
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next try: austrian lolita visiting canada in september!

Hello there :)

I was so excited that I already posted this at the beginning of this year, and I was told that it was much too soon ^^° So here I am again.

I'll be visiting canada with my husband from 3rd to 24th of september. I would be very happy to meet some of the local lolitas during that time :)

That's the plan:

Ottawa: 19th
Montreal: 22.+23.rd

From 14th to 18th I'll be around that area as well, at my brother-in-law's place. If there would be some kind of meetup during that time, I could get there by car.

I'm a bit shy and hope my english will be good enough, but I don't want to visit another country for such a long time without trying to meet other lolitas. :)

Thanks for your time <3

Searching for Other Lolitas

*Please mind my userpic. I'm still making one...*
By the way I'm a recent member; hello!
     With the increasing popularity of the lolita fashion in the United States, I believe that I shall be seeing lolitas here sooner or later. However, I have yet to meet one... I've been to a lot of places but I can't seem to find any Lolitas here in the Northeast Coast. Or maybe I just need to look more. Is anybody out there? For all of you, how often do you find other lolitas(depends on where you live)? Or are you a lone lolita?
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I know that I, and a bunch of the girls from Alabama, are going to be going to Dragon*con, but I haven't seen anything about any group plans or gatherings. Is there any sort of event planned? I think it would be so awesome to do something that the Night at the Aquarium.
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