August 10th, 2010

Important Demetri

UK Shopping service?

I was just wondering if there are any known UK shopping services? I checked the memories but the page hasn't been updated in nearly a year, and the new eglfeedback page doesn't seem to show any UK services (yet).

I apologize if this should be posted over in the EGL Sales community; just let me know and I'll move it over there!

Thanks in advance!

dumb question but how do you wear a petticoat? (delete if not allowed)

Ok I know this sounds stupid but is the petticoat supposed to be on the waist or the hips or is it just below the waist? I am just a little confused cause when I wear my OP I still wanna look like I have a waist and a good shape to my dress, so could you tell me how do you wear your petti? thanks. And yes I searched the memories and found nothing about how to actually wear a petti.

oh one more question I just recently bought the Love Nadia dress in blue from bodyline but I can't find a good matching head bow (brand or off-brand) can anyone show me some good suggestions?

Models wanted for this weekend!

Anime Detroit is this weekend, and theosakakoneko and I are running the Lolita Fashion Show! Surprise! The person that was originally supposed to be running the show canceled a couple days ago, so we were asked to cover it.
However, being that this is so last minute, we have no models! This is where you all come in! Is anyone available to come model for our show? Your registration will be covered for the weekend, you'll be fed, you just have to be able to make it to the convention early enough to get ready Saturday morning, as the show is scheduled to start at 11am (I'm not happy about the time, but unfortunately we weren't the ones that scheduled it, and they don't have a later available time slot). You don't have to bring your own outfits either (unless you want to!), we've got that more than covered. ;)

The MET of Troy
5500 Crooks Road
Troy, MI 48098

If you are interested, and able to make it to the convention early Saturday morning (exact time to be posted later, keep an eye on this thread if interested), please comment on this post! (Please don't PM or email either of us, just so we can keep all of the interest in one place.)

Lolitas in the news (again)

A Vancouver-based Korean newspaper interviewed me a fellow Vancouver lolita (whose username is escaping me B| ) and the article just came out!

It's all in Korean so if someone can read it and translate that would be awesome.

Check it out here!:

EDIT: Rough translation of lolita-related parts thanks to Shincaru.

'Emerald is a 17 year old Canadian girl interested in Korean idols and Japanese music, and Asian culture in general. Emerald was wearing lolita fashion, and was asked about the general reaction. 'Older people look at [us] and say 'how cute', younger people just stare at us and laugh and just walk on. Some people point at us and say it's not Halloween, but because I chose this lifestyle for me I just ignore them.'

Shannon and Emerald are members of the 'Vancouver lolita community' [nicely use of quotes there]. Lolita is 'girlish, innocent, with a pure image and emotions', while gothic lolita's characteristics range from medieval to modern, with the point of appearing ladylike. Emerald says, 'it is a way of life', and goes on, 'lolita stood out to me, and I felt it suited me, so I chose to live the lifestyle.'

It is a serious hobby and requires investement. The dresses Emerald and Shannon wore to the interview cost more than $500 apiece. Shannon implied her dress collection also has even more expensive and rare pieces.'

EDIT: the Article I was in for 24 Hours magazine is out now. This one's in english XD Please read it here:

newbie and a bit worried..

This is my first ever post on egl (and lj for that matter) and I am new to the whole Lolita scene, read about it for some time and ordered my first dress. Now I am worried for many reasons but the main one is I ordered for a site called Milanoo. Now I read the problem that one of the members had and I am terribly scared. I have never ordered anything like this before. I'm not sure what to do? Is this site all bad or is there some good in it?

Spoke with Customer Service about my order and took a screenshot of what was said and all answers in case my items arrive messed up or in soft containers. Feeling a little hopeful due to being told I would be emailed ACTUAL photos of the items wanted.
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