August 6th, 2010

bride of frankenstein


So I came across this awesome lolita-esque artist just a minute ago, and I thought I'd share. I was also wondering if anyone had any more information on them, like what is their name (do they go by anything other than just "Candy Jane"?) or if they've illustrated any books or anything I might be interested in. Anyways, some of the art is a little on the fetishy/morbid side, so kiddies be warned.

Theme Post XD

There are very few full-body shots of me because my friends and family aren't big on pictures, and I don't have a surface that's the right hight for timer photos, but I managed to find a couple. My pictures of me in lolita I can only post a link to, do to copyright laws. :( I will post a picture of when I tried on one of my JSK's, but be warned, there is no blouse or petti

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