August 5th, 2010


Shopping Question

It's almost my birthday and every year I have someone get me the next 2 issues of Gosuloli that have come out since my last birthday. I always used Sasuga bookstore to get my books online but they shut there site down July 6th this year. Does anyone know a good place to order these online?

Lolitas in the greater Vancouver area


24 newspaper needs one of you to do an interview today and I cannot make it as I am in Whistler on vacation!

They need you in lolita by 1 or 2PM at the latest for a written interview and a picture or two. If you're interested please send me a PM and I will set you up with the man who is organizing it.

Vacationing lolitas in Vancouver are welcome as well~

We want to make lolita look as glamorous and beautiful as it can be, so I turn to you to make this happen for Vancouver. Thanks very much!

white lolita

Fits Final Dance!

Our new video is up!
Sorry for the crappy quality, not sure what happend.

We wanted to film inside because of bad weather, but it became a bit too narrow :p
So we kind of turned the shop inside out, because there was a little porch roof.

We had a lot of fun making this :p and a lot of bloopers lol.. I kept getting stuck in my wig with my rings, so had to put them off.


And again, please post this anywhere you like and show it to everyone even if they do not like lolita :p we need as much views as possible!
Thank you in advance!!!!


yes, again, ATTN: aerospydie

Yes, I'm fed up. I thought after the talia_speaks debacle, this wouldn't happen again. I have been sending PMs, text messages, and have NOT heard from you since July 17th (my last text from you). Your last PM to me was 4 weeks ago.

Yes, she has a family problem, but not communicating with her buyer who paid nearly 6 months ago (yes, its been that long), its ri-dic-ulous. I saw my product in May, and nothing since.

If anyone knows her, please have her contact me through PM, email (caitkin at, or through my phone, which she has. Thank you.

Lolita meetups.


I dont know if this is ok to post but you can delete if its not >.<.

Anyway I wanted to ask if their are any lolitas in Spring,Texas? I moved from Tomball to Spring last week with my mom.
And as of yet I dont have a car(im 15 lol) and cant go many places to far away because of my mom. I want to know if their are Lolitas in Spring,Texas.

TTGL: Nia strawberry

Angelic Pretty LP laforet store

Hello! Thought you guys would like to see what was in the Angelic Pretty laforet store lucky pack :)
I am so happy because...MILKY PLANET TIERED SKIRT!!

So I made a video of me opening the lucky pack ^^ First time I’ve made a video on Movie Maker and with titles and transitions and things – so fun :D
Omg I LOVED this LP! And it came so fast! I ordered it on Friday and received it Tuesday from Japan. The Milky Planet skirt is yellow <3 Yellow is quickly becoming my new favourite colour for Lolita clothing right now :3

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Hope you enjoyed :3