August 4th, 2010

Looking for a type of ballerina boots

I was looking for these recently for a get up I am doing. I am unsure of where I could buy them at a relatively cheaper market price then what I am finding. (Anywhere from $100-$400) Even used, I'm not picky. If anyone has a site or such they can show me it would be greatly appreciated.

(Not specifically these, but the same style)

Thank you for your time. <3

Edit: For those still posting. I will apologize to those who seem concerned or even offended. I do not intend these for walking wear, merely for a photo op. I too took ballet, for a VERY short time, and realize how much of a strain such shoes put on the body, and would never do harm to myself purely for this. Thank you all for your concern. For any others still curious I will post the pictures promptly.

Thank you again.

Lolitas in Paris

Hi Everyone!

I will be going to Paris to study for a year (August 26th~June) as part of a university exchange, and I was wondering if any of the local lolitas wouldn't mind showing me around the city a little bit? It's my first time going to Europe (and I'm a little nervous about getting lost...). Also I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up to see Kira Imai's Art Exhibition?

Je peux aussi écrire en français (langue simple) si vous voulez, mais désolé je faites beaucoup d'erreurs grammaires (〃∇〃);; ....

Searching for a blouse

Hello dear members of EGL!
I am putting together my very first (budget) Lolita outfit, but I haven't found a good blouse to go with it yet. I'm hoping you lovely people have some suggestions for me.

What I'm looking for is a white or off white blouse with detachable sleeves without any shirring on the front. Also, my budget is a bit tight, so I don't think I can afford any of the great Brand blouses. I have found two options so far, but both have their issues.
First I found this Bodyline blouse. The problem with this one is that it looks its price: cheap. The lace doesn't look very good to me. It also doesn't come with any waist measurements, so I'm not sure if I'd fit in it.
I also found this lovely Innocent World blouse, but it's (still) quite pricey and I'm afraid it won't fit. My measurements are kind of odd: a bust of 92 cm and a waist of almost 80. The largest size would be way too big around the bust, but still too small around the waist.

Do any of you know other blouses like those that might fit me and my budget?
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
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I got a question

 So my friend and I have been talking...
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And so I ask you, community: To be a lolita, do you need to have a closet full of lolita clothes and wear them regularly (to meet-ups, etc)?

edit: I took out the terms "ita" and "lifestyle" lolita because people have pointed out that I used them wrongly. Thank you everyone for your opinion!! I think this has been transformed into a big philosophical thing about whether it's a subculture or not, but I understand my friend's opinion now. Thank you!
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Art Post: Jorogumo

I was reading this thing about japanese spirits and demons and read about jorogumo who is a spider woman who lures men into a shed with her biwa playing and then sucks the life out of them. I thought it was kinda cool, I like old japanese folklore and such.
so anyways I made a westernized lolita version :)

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♥Let's play a game!♥

The game is were you make a story with brand names and lolita related things.
 Example: Once upon a time there was a victorian maiden who was Angelic and pretty, etc.

Brand names:

angelic pretty
 baby the stars shine bright
inoccent world
 victorian maiden
Alice and the pirates
metamorphose tempd de fille
 annas house

I bet I missed a few .

Dont forget lolita related things.

mana sama
rococo era
victorian era.
and many more

So lets see what the EGL maidens come up with.

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Taobao+Coordinate Question

I feel kind of faily for having to ask-- but I'm getting desperate.

I'm looking for hats in this style ( ) and over the knee black socks on Taobao. Anyone have any links?

I'm also looking at this jsk ( ) in red. Most of my loli wardrobe is black-- is it possible to coordinate that jsk with mostly black items? I was thinking black blouse, black socks, black shoes, white lace gloves, and redxwhite accessories, but that might look unbalanced. Does anyone have any advice? (Or pictures of it worn?)

Shoulder Length Hair in Ponytails

At the moment my hair goes about 3 inches below my shoulders... I'm looking at cutting it shorter (to my shoulder) in a bob type thing. 

However, I don't want to give up the ponytails I love so much...

So I'd love some examples of people who have shoulder length hair and what it looks like in ponytails!~
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San Francisco/Bay Area Great America Meetup: Postponed!

Hallo lolis,

There wasn't enough people that RSVPed for Great America this week, so the meetup has been postponed til... further notice!

I was thinking of maybe trying to hit up Great America around Halloween time (does GA do special things for Halloween? I know Knotts and Six Flags do...).

Anywho, if you were interested in going to Great America at some point for a lolita meetup, feedback, suggestions, and questions are welcome ^^. Let me know what you're thinking~ <3


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