August 2nd, 2010

American Lolitas on the AP Site

I was just browsing the AP site and I saw here

how they added some pics from Fantaisies dans le Monde des Reves. Its so nice to actually have U.S lolita  pictures on the site, its like they really include us.

I wish though that somebody would set something like that up on the east coast.

Dont you guys think that a major EGL sponsored event on the eastcoast would be awsome.  I wonder if the mods ever thought if we pulled together as a community could we hold like the largest ever lolita convention. That would be amazing

Searching for a skirt

First, hello everyone, this is my first post here so many of you didnt know me, my friends call me Himeko (: Well...whatever...

Few days ago a friend of mine saw a lolita in a mall and said "Her skirt was yellow with a shoes print" And I said Really? I dont remember any skirt like that...
So, only by curiosity...You girls know what print is it? or something like that? I think something from ETC but im not sure...
Well, thank you!
Au revoir~
Roxy magical

egl_comm_art - Go vote!

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
For those who don't know of us, we're a Lolita art community, centered around the sharing and critiquing of Lolita-based art, regardless of skill level and level of completion. Need suggestions on what direction to take a certain piece? Afraid of your work getting torn to pieces by the general egl community? Come join egl_comm_art and post your work!
In addition to being a safe haven for uncertain artists, we also do art competitions. The currently running competitions are:

June's Theme: Brolitas - The object of this theme is to bring out the males in Lolita! This competition has been extended until August 31st. Please see the original post for more information.

Contest #5: Photo Manipulation - The object of this contest is to create a Lolita piece using photo manipulation. This contest is over, but we need your help picking a winner! Go vote!

You must be a member in order to enter our competitions (but you don't need to be a member to vote! Go vote!). Artists and lurkers alike are all welcome to join, just please read our rules before posting.

An interesting find for Austin Loli's and other Texans!

I haven't been active here on EGL for, well, almost two years but I made a little discovery that I thought might be of interest to those of you here! If you live in the state of Texas, (or ever have a chance to visit the wonderful capitol)I highly recommend you check out the shops on Congress Avenue. One shop in particular caught my attention as a very good source for any Lolita's in search of vintage goods/props/inspiration!

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