August 1st, 2010


Maps to Lolita Shops in Fukuoka?

Hello ladies and gents, I will be leaving the United States for Fukuoka, Japan in just under three weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any photo maps or video guides from major train stations/bus ports in Fukuoka to the lolita stores in the area? I know the general locations of some of these stores thanks to lilusako replying to a post about lolita stores in Fukuoka, but a photo guide would be excellent!

If there aren't any photo/video guides, is that something the community would like to see? I would be more than happy to make guides after I've been there a few months, if I did, would I post them here?

Thanks lovelies, I look forward to your replies!
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indiana lolis meetup

hi everyone. :)

after searching things out i thought this sounded like a good idea for our first meet.

when: August 28th
where: Seiberling Mansion
time: 2:30pm

afterwards we could find some place to eat depending on how long we stay.

who's interested in coming?