July 31st, 2010

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Mephis Print Baby the stars shine bright

Dear Egl girls!

Time for some new prints up on Baby,
St Mephis print and some sweeter print were announced on the mainpage, so I happily clicked the link. And to my surprise, I only could find the new sweet print, so I was wondering, is there anyone who can see the Mephis print-reservation page, or is it just not on the site yet?

thank you girls

Excuse me for my poor english

Gothic Lolita & Punk RHS Review

I decided to do a review of GLP rocking horse shoes, as there doesnt seem to be many (or any) reviews of them around. These shoes were bought from Camden, London, from GLP shop. For those interested, it is near where SaiSai used to be.
(Last time I went saisai wasnt there, but this shop had opened.)

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Rain Coat!

A couple of weeks ago, korinniimura  made a post looking for details about a particular lolita raincoat she had found. I told her I would sew up a quick prototype for her and I went to work!

Things have been so hectic around here, that I haven't been able to post photos, so here's my take on a lolita rain jacket.

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Lolita shop in Barcelona?

First post! Wohoo! o3o

Anyway; I'm going to Barcelona in September for a week of shopping and fun times with my mom. =D So I wonder if any of you know if there is any lolita/"lolita-able" shops in Barcelona? And if so, where to find them.
I would be very happy if anyone could help. ^^ So thank you all on beforehand!
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