July 30th, 2010

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SF/Bay Area: Great America Meetup Final Reminder!

Hey Lovelies,

It's about a week left until the meetup, but the RSVP count is really low. Two people other than myself have RSVP-ed so far, and one of them cannot make it last minute. At the moment there are not enough attendees to hold a meetup.
If you are interested in attending, please RSVP no later than Wednesday, August 4th.. If there's not enough people that RSVP by then (at least 6-8 lolis), then the meetup will be canceled and postponed for another date when more people can attend~. I know there was a lot of interest in a Great America meetup, so I want to ensure that enough people can make it and enjoy it.

Details for the Great America meetup and RSVP are in my LJ entry HERE.

Any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have please let me know ^^.

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Dhl doesn't have my package? ( SOLVED)

A few days ago I ordered from bodyline. It takes about four days for a package from them to get here and when it wasn't here I got concerned and called dhl and they said that there's no record of my package at all. I'm pretty concerned, what should I do? Edit: nevermind! It was under my dads company name c:
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Coverage of the Red Sky at Night tea party on Kalamari Kastle!

Click on the photo to read about the event, view the video and see the majority of the lovely coordinates from those in attendance. If you guys know the LJ names of the lolitas we got pictures of, we would greatly appreciate the shared information.
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An*tai*na* Shoes questions

I've tried searching on google and on the communities search function but does An*tai*na take any custom orders such as in custom colors? I absolutely love their designs but the ones on their Taobao page are never in brown, at least for the ones that have at lease some heel to them. I was planning on ordering through Taobaospree but if it's not possible could I be pointed in the right direction to finding brown shows within the same price? Also, I saw that a lot of people mentioned there is lack of traction on the bottom of An*tai*na's shoes, has anyone had any major issue with that or is it something that can be looked over for the most part? Thanks for the help!

Fan+Friend dress question


I was wondering if anyone has bought this dress?


If you have i would love to see some pictures and some reviews? Is it heavy? do you need a really puffy petticoat to get that poof? any help would be great.

and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. If so just move or delete it.

Thank you for your help! ^.^

Edit:And if anyone owns this dress too that would be really helpful if you had any reviews or pictures to share.

here's the link


Thank you... Again =S
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