July 29th, 2010


measurement request

I need the measurements to this Shirely Temple dress. Fairy angel doesn't list the measurements for some reason :1 The only info they give is Size:160, if that helps any. I would like to know the max bust, since it looks like that's the only place that's fitted. Thanks!
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By request!

A classic lolita treasury! There weren't as many dresses out there as I would have liked for this theme, but I found plenty of skirts :). I hope you'll continue to come up with great ideas and enjoy the little lists i put together!

The Classic Girl

AP International: Confirmation and canceling

Hello girls,

I have a question for you.
I prdered something form the english AP site on saturday and didn't get a confirmation of the stock jet.
Now I would like to cancel the order since I viewed the item elsewhere but I'm not sure how to do.
Is the order cancled automaticly if I just don't pay within a certain amount of time like in some other japanese webshops?

Thanks in advance!

Questions on an Etsy Blouse? (With a few questions regarding shoes.)

Well, I must say this is my first time posting to the community, and I really am excited to be here.

To start off, I am a new Lolita who has been studying the fashion for a couple of years now. As cute as OTT Sweet and the like is, I unfortunately couldn't pull it off, and my heart is sold on classical.

Because of this, I had already purchased a skirt from Silversark on Etsy, and am considering a blouse also by the same person.

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Thank you muchly for your time,

Trample Clothing: New Lolita Consignment Store!

Dear Lolitas Darlings of EGL,

We are proud to announce our new online consignment shop at Trample Clothing! We carry new and used clothing from brands such as Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose Temps de Fille, and more! We are currently an online 'mom&pop' Lolita shop located in the US. Although we are tiny at the moment, we will strive to update weekly and bring more of our fashion to the western world. Our goal is to provide as many brands at prices comparable to other popular consignment shops in Japan!

Our first line up consist of new Baby JSKs, a Metamorphose print, and even a Vivienne Westwood jacket! Take a look on our products page right here: http://www.trampleclothing.com/products.htm

We have EGL Feedback from a handful of early shoppers and also eBay feedback too! Please feel free to add us as well! We will be updating our Livejournal, Twitter, and Facebook regularly-- we would love to add you back and we would like to know what you have to say!

Thank you for supporting our little shop!


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Budget Lolita is making it all yourself! A huge list of tutorials

I know there are a few lists of Lolita tutorials around here, but I haven't seen any recently,  unless I've missed them! So, for my blog I've decided to compile a list of Lolita tutorials, I'm posting these to a sticky page (or whatever they are called!) on my blog, but I figured I would share them here and ask if anyone else knows of any good loli-torials.
List updated: 2/19/11 Added a lot more tutorials!

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Sewing and Crafting Tutorials
Skirts Blouses Dresses Headwear and hair accessories Bows and other decorations Misc. Modifying Lolita pieces
Sweets jewelry and deco Other jewelry Decor
Patterns  Some of these patterns may be out of print and you will need to hunt them down on the second hand market.
Dresess Patterns with usable parts (You're going to have to modify these pieces, sometimes add a whole new skirt, lengthen/shorten hem lines, or maybe just add a few details).
  • Free empire waist dress (good bodice, will need to attach it to a properly shaped skirt)
  • Drindl  (The skirt will need to be shortened and some fullness will need to be added to the skirt)
  • Simple darted dress pattern (good bodice, will need to attach it to a properly shaped skirt) 
  • Vogue 8019 (torso shortened, fuller skirt added, click here for an example of it modified into a Lolita dress)
  • Simplicity 3673 (skirt needs to be fuller click here and scroll down for an example of it modified into a Lolita dress. Skirt part can also be used to make a classic high waisted skirt.)
  • McCalls M5619 (need to draft a properly shaped skirt, but the sleeveless and short-sleeved tops are perfect!)
  • Butterick B4443 (good bodice, will need to attach it to a properly shaped skirt)
  • McCalls M6123 (good bodice, will need to attach it to a properly shaped skirt)
  • McCalls M5923 (good bodice, will need the either make a properly shaped skirt or modify the current skirt so that it's flared and can fit a petticoat)
Beauty Tutorials
Hair Makeup and skin care Nails
Clothing Care Tutorials

I will be updating the page these are all posted on as I find new ones. I'm especially on the lookout for more beauty,decor, and jewelery tutorials.

Coordination problems D:

I'm planning to buy this JSK from FanPlusFriend in black, and wear it with a white blouse underneath, and a gold cameo necklace I got from Forever21 with white tights and black shoes, for  nice kind of Classic coordinate... but I can't seem to think of or find a good headwear!

I'm restricted to offbrand items right now because of my super-strict budget. I was thinking either this hairclip from Bodyline in white or some kind of gold headband to match the cameo (that I could probably get from my local Hobby Lobby for cheap now that I think about it) but I don't know if that would look right. I've searched all over the internet for days for something that would fit, but I can't seem to find anything that looks right.

Do any of you have some suggestions?
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Brand reference resource

Hi y'all!

So after seeing this AP Print Chronology, which is amazing and lavenderspikes is amazing for undertaking it, I started thinking.

Is there anywhere on the web where you can look up every dress/JSK that every brand has ever released? This would be a very helpful resource for lolis who are just starting out, or for fans of certain brands who want to collect them all (good luck) or even for lolis who haven't found that dream dress yet.

It would probably be a huge project to undertake, but I think it would be a useful resource. If I did decide to do this, I would need:

1. Hosting space and a layout. I can do web design but I have a lot of other designs on my plate right now. Alternatively, I could do this as a series of LJ posts that could be archived in the community's memories. This might be a better option.

2. People with an extensive knowledge of brand to provide names, years, color variations and pictures.

How about it?

ANIME IOWA reminder

In case you missed it, we decided to have a casual meet-up tomorrow (Friday) at 5:30 pm in the library of the Coralville Marriot Hotel in Coralville, Iowa. If you're confused about where that is, consult google maps. There will be snacks n.n Hope to see you there.
keira, sun, pride, prejudice

Yoybuy Shopping Service review

Hello everyone, I come to tell you about my experience with the shopping service Yoybuy (http://www.yoybuy.com/). I used their service to purchase lolita items from taobao (please note I won't be specifically reviewing the items, this is more about their service especially since I think some other users reported problems).

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