July 28th, 2010


FRUiTS Event at Manifest 2010 (Melbourne, Australia)

Hi all, it's Sefie - the kind of replacement FRUiTS lackey for the Melbourne Anime Festival (Manifest) 2010!

We're looking for designers, preferably established ones, who would be interested in being featured at the FRUiTs event on Friday 20th August afternoon (most likely around 3-5pm).

Not just your normal entrants, we want people who are willing to talk about their experiences in the J-fashion community, industry and/or blogosphere while being on stage in front of several (maybe a hundred?) screaming fans. So if you run a Jfashion-related blog, Etsy shop, or are a big fan of someone who does (and would be able to attend Manifest), then I want to hear from you!

This is not to replace the FRUiTS fashion parade, but to enhance it! We want people with a eye for design to talk about their impressions of their fashion scene and the entrants, and to make the experience something more entertaining and maybe even educational for the audience. If you are also interested in being a "judge" (as such - who are we to judge someone's fashion choices, am I right?), then please contact me as well.

We will be able to grant panellist's passes (Friday only) to designers who wouldn't normally be coming to Manifest, but unfortunately cannot cover any other travelling costs. There will be a screening process - basically so we are satisfied that you are who you say you are, and that you know more than "herp derp I saw something on teh googlez".

Registration for the FRUiTS fashion parade will be open soon, so if you have any questions about that, please ask!

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Last minute reminder~!

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show
at Otakon 2010

Oso wrong Oso Right
Atelier Ingenue
I Do Declare
Lolita Nouveau
Morrigan NYC

Friday @8:30 in panel room 3 in the Hilton

I hope you'll all join us Friday night at Otakon for the Ultimate Lolita fashion show~! Featuring new designers and the launch of a brand new print by Morrigan NYC it's going to be an event to remember~! Make sure to mark your calenders.
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Angelic Pretty Prints

So, I know this isn't gonna be for another few years, but I'm thinking when I can get the chance of decorating my own room, I want to decorate it as an Angelic Pretty print! Not EVERY single little detail, but the majority of it. So what I'm asking is, As a print design for a room, what do you think would be a good print? I'm thinking maybe the Fantastic Dolly series. Thanks a lot for the Opinions!! ^^
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EMS Trouble

 Soooo, yet another post about problems with shipping 
Edit: SOLVED! Thank you all for your help. Another Edit with a more detailed explanation is under the cut (my local post office indeed sucks, because they know nothing)

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Milky Chan worn?

Sorry for asking this- I know these questions are a pain, but i'm pretty desperate. xD Does anyone have pictures of Milky Chan (the pink/white versions) worn? I'd love any examples, but especially ones coordinated with blue. Thanks so much!!

Help! Bodyline :O

Ok i orderd my dresses from Bodyline JUST now. I used my paypal account and when i clicked the continue button the poped up as an internet error for this >body line ssl getreceivernew< and i didnt get my confermation e-mail or tracking e-mail. Did i do something wrong?! Plz help if you can!!! DX  Also i have been checking my paypal account every 5mins and it still says nothing! D:::DDD:: ;-; my card balance is $0.00 since i paid for all my stuff with all my money......plz help if you can!
Baby Cthulu

Review: A New Hat by Apatico

I ordered a custom miniature hat from milkypop . I asked her to make me a whitish/antique white hat with all the trimmings on it. I want it gaudy, but demure for my steampunk lolita outfit I am planning. It needed to be small to accommodate this mask.

This the stock picture she took after she was done.

And behind the cut is a slew of pics I took upon the arrival of the hat. Sorry no open box pics or delivery dragon this time. Delivery dragon is going through a growth spur, so he's not too happy.

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