July 27th, 2010

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Treasury time :D

Time for a new Etsy treasury! This time the theme is SWEET! There are soooo many places to try and choose from, especially when it came to jewelry and accessories. I tried to pick a good variety of shops, and for the first time i've included one of my items in this treasury ^^; I hope you enjoy!!!


Please feel free to recommend a future theme as well as look at my past treasuries. I try to keep them updated if things sell so there is often something new :D

Let's hear some jokes

Do you know any lolita jokes? Or cheesy, lolita pickup lines, post 'em here. 
I thought EGL was boring today, so let's all join together and have some fun!

Feel free to delete if inappropriate. 
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Sent back to the expeditor ?

I think someone may help me on this case. I ordered an Alice and the Pirate round headdress on the 15th july. I checked on Canada post where was my item on the 20th. It was hold in customs. Once, a dress I ordered was stuck on customs for two weeks so I didn't worry until now.

My item was sent back on the 21th to Baby/Alice and the pirates because of ''unacceptable expeditor information''.

What can I do ? Do I have to contact Baby and try to explain the problem in my bad english or will they contact me ? :/


 Hey EGL, I've been looking to buy a petticoat, and came across three I like. Does anyone own any of these petticoats:

Classical Puppets Super Fluffy Bell-Shape Petticoat
Dear Celine Fluffy Petticoat
Kidsyoyo Summer Organza Petticoat

Are they good quality? And how poofy are they?
Sorry if this has been posted before, and that I don't have links, I didn't know how to add them to the post -- I'm fairly new to LJ.
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(no subject)

I should clarify: I am the photographer in this shoot.  I'm not in any of these photos. ;D

A little over a week ago I did a photo shoot with my housemate, designer Megan Maude. The shoot was only Lolita inspired but I thought the images would still be interesting to some in this community.  Megan and I were both interested in pairing the neutral colors of the clothing with bright-- more editorial-- colors on the face, and ended up using Lime Crime lipstick. Enjoy! :D
Mary Rebecca
Mary Rebecca Photography FB

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Cyperous wig question...

 Hello! To anyone who owns a Cyperous wig... Can they be styled into pigtails? I would just like to know if it looks alright. Specifically, does the hairline of the wig look ok when the hair is pulled up? Also, where the hair is parted, is the wig base really obvious? I think they have clip on ponytails, but they are longer than I would like and too expensive for me to want to cut them. I searched some reviews, but couldn't find this issue addressed... Thank you! 

kinda ranty. tl;dr included

Hai guys. Today I'm a sad loli and I need some advice. About 5 months or so ago I bought a lavender jsk from ex user xtinamarie1187. When I finally got the dress, it was such a light lavender, almost white, but I thought maybe that's how it was supposed to be since she claimed it was in 'great condition'. I tried to get in touch with the user but she had already deleted her account of course. I guess there was also some dramu surrounding this person that I was completely unaware of until later. Not wanting to deal with it, I threw the dress in the back of my closet.

But lately been wanting to get a lavender outfit together and recently received some matching shoes, so I decided to unearth the jsk. Now, after close inspection, I'm positive the dress was haphazardly thrown in the washer and put in the DRYER after seeing that the tag was faded and wrinkled. The lining was a big giveaway because it's darker compared to the actual dress and the correct color of lavender. So not worth the amount I paid for it. I feel like such an idiot -_-.

This dress is obviously faded from being dumbassedly put in the washer and dryer. Should I try dyeing it or just resell? What would you do? Thanks.
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Lace gloves/arm warmers?

I've been on a pretty fruitless hunt for the past couple of hours, attepting to hunt down those fingerless lace gloves/lace armwarmers alot of the (OTT) angelic pretty shop girls (as well as maki and asuka) have been seen wearing, to no avail. Finding images of what I mean was hard enough as it is (while avoiding using personal pictures).

So can you help enlighten me on how to hunt down a pair of these? 


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Starry Night Theater Picture request (SOLVED thanks <3)

 Hello <3

I'm looking for close-up photos or stock photos of the Starry Night Theater print. I'm secretly in love with it, but I'm much too low-key to actually wear it, so I'm making some mary-jane pumps with some of the print on them. 

I've looked through the Lolita Stock Photos already, but if I missed some place I should have checked before asking, please tell me :)

bikini kill riot grrrl

Sleeve alteration help?

I recently bought this cornet dress (Which I ADORE and have been after for years)
but the sleeves are really uncomfortable. I think they are cute but each gathered piece is a small sharp elastic band and they are left exposed on the inside. Its painful and itchy and even though its not tight it leaves these horrible rings around my arms.
So Im considering shortening the sleeves, it would be more versatile that way anyways and I could wear it on warmer days.
My only problem is I'm not sure how I would like to have them made.

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EDIT : Thanks for the help! I think what Im going to do is first try the DVD thing and see if that doesnt work, then line the elastic (its too thick and hot to line the sleeves completely), and if all that fails I think I might go with elbow length.