July 26th, 2010

Question about ordering from BTSSB

So, this may be just me being really dumb, but this is seriously bugging me. I got the confirmation e-mail as expected, but... most of it is in Japanese.

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Can someone tell me the basic jist of all this? Am I supposed to e-mail them back, or am I supposed to wait until they tell me the total cost? And while I'm at it, here's the basic format that my address ended up in: 12345 America Street, Townsville, VA 12345United States of America. Does that look alright?

Sorry for all these questions. I just really don't want to screw up here. ._.
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Jewels and Butterflies

The other day I finally received my Jewel Butterfly JSK and had a photoshoot with my friend. We decided to honour the theme and went to a butterfly garden. Sadly, most of the butterflies were sleeping and there were only two, whom we barely managed to get on film. Anyway--


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Thank you for watching!
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Montreal Lolitas?

I'll be moving up to Sainte Anne de Bellevue and going to college at McGill (Macdonald campus) in late August, and was hoping to make the aquaintance of Montreal lolitas before going up to Canada (and maybe get some advice on dealing with the cold since I'm hailing for California).

Hopefully we can meet up or something! I do speak fluent french, even though it's a little rusty due to a year of not using it. Thanks!
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Just wondering who is going, if there will be a proper meet-up (and when!) and if anyone is going to sell! Posting here rather than AB since that comm seems kind of dead D:
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Art post - Fairy Lolita

Sorry to those out there who aren't into Anime/Manga style!
Those of you who are though, hope you like ♥

This was a special design I created for MinamiCon 16 to be used on a limited run of the convention t-shirts. The traditional mascot of this convention is a fairy, so I put her in a lolita-style outfit, reminiscent of Victorian Maiden or Mary Magdelene. Originally done as pure lineart for a screen print on pink and blue shirts, but I coloured her properly last week.

(inked by hand, coloured in potatoshop, click on the image for a full view in deviantArt)

Gothic Lolita article on FORMzine

I haven't seen this posted and I used the search tool, but I found an online article about lolita fashion with some really beautiful photoshoots! And the article is relatively accurate. [edited: Not necessarily the most polished article, but I thought the information was there and to the point.] I wonder if someone from egl helped out?

The magazine FORMzine is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I love how they incorporated the "college campus" feel to the photoshoot (I'm pretty sure it was shot at University of Michigan, but don't quote me). The darker, aristocratic style is also a nice change from all the sweetness we get- not that there's anything wrong with it!

Go here for the article and photos: