July 24th, 2010

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For the lolitas serving countries

Thought I should ask you guys, since you would know more resources than me.

Last week I graduated from Basic Training and became an Airman for the United States Air Force. Now I am here at Security Forces Academy here in Texas and I thought it would be perfect to wear lolita when I'm able to wear my own clothing starting next weekend.
So my question to you guys is-- does anyone know of a site or something that sells "military lolita"? The only information I was able to find was the contest by F+F, where you drew your own outfits. Perhaps Sailor Lolita can kinda fit into that category, but I, of course, was leaning more towards an outfit for an Airman.

Another question was if there was a community that focused on military peeps who were still into the lolita fashion?
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Animinicon...what? NYC post

Threw bored web surfing I stumbled across something mildly interesting. There seems to be mini anime con at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art that's hosting a tea party for Lolita guests. I asume it's and all you can eat/drink event (whatever the serve and how much). As a shot i the dark,is anyone bothering to attend? It's $12 at the door for a one day pass and $30 for all 3 days. The tea party is on Sunday from 2-4. Is this worth it? Anywho here's the info:

Con site:

Venue site:

This post is also on NYC_Lolita community as well if anyone is interested in making this into a meet up.
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zosan 2

Eyeglass Chains?

Dose anyone know where to get some? I found a few on RTBU but they dont really suit me (if that makes sense). Or where can I find things to make them? any online stores or are craft shops the best option?
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Opinions from others..?

I have been feeling a little put down lately by someone I really care about. I feel that my mother disapproves of me immersing myself in the Lolita culture and lifestyle.
My mother and I are very close and rarely butt heads on anything, but when I get dressed to go somewhere and come out in a brand jumperskirt, she tends to act agitated.
I've confronted her before about this and she says she dislikes the term 'Lolita' because of the association with the novel. I've explained to her that the fashion/subculture evolved independently of the Russian novel; but to much huffing and puffing. She says she doesn't like the 'ideas' I'm giving people. I know what she is implying but it's hard for me to understand because I dress quite conservatively. A third issue, in her opinion, is the money I spend. I believe that if I purchase something and get good use out of it, then it is not a waste. My mum grew up in a thrifty home though and it's hard for me to get her to see my side in this matter.

Is anyone else encountering obstacles like this with family or friends? If so, are there any victory stories out there?
I'd love to hear a happy ending, or perhaps a little advice.
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A good term for lolita, besides lolita

In school we have to do this summer project thing where we right a paper in something. Well, I'm going to write a  paper on japanese street fashion (which is obviously going to include lolita). However I think if i called it lolita, I would get expelled...
(because you know, it's the title of a book which is not exactly, err,you know)
So i've been debating what to call it, i mean loli fashion could work, but i would like to have some more ideas.

P.S This is my first entry here so yay! However, I still have yet to master the cut (how do I put it on??)
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