July 23rd, 2010


Request: Sanrio

My production class lecturer gave us an assignment to re-design a company's stationary set and folder. I have choosen Sanrio as "the company". 

I found out that I fail to find the namecard/business card, letterhead and envelope for the company which is needed as a research for my assignment. Does anyone own Sanrio's namecard, letterhead or envelope? Preferably worker's or manager's, not those stationary set they sell in store. 

If not, stationary sets from BTSSB is fine too (baby is my alternative). 

Thanks! =)

Review of a book about Lolita's

I've written up a review of the book, Gothic Lolita by Dakota Lane, over at the comm bookwins and thought you guys might be interested in reading it. Here is a link to the review.


This has been cross-posted so sorry if you see it multiple times.

Disclaimer: It has come to my attention that the author of this book was involved in a rather rude display of behavior at a Lolita fashion show a few years ago (before I knew of lolita). I stand by my review of the book, but I thought those of you who read it might want to know this little tidbit about the author. Read in the comments of this post for more details.

For a lolita on a budget, drawing Flats

So what is one of the easies way to save some money if you can't sew? Hire a seamstress.! But how will she know how to make your custom piece perfect if your doodle looks like a hut with an upside down hill on top of it, cover in some ruffles?  

So i'll be showing you how to draw something out so that a seamstress can clearly see it, and if she makes a mistake it for sure can not be blamed on "your bad image".  

Many excellent seamstresses  are not practiced in working from verbal descriptions. Many of those who can do so , are no good at it in an *unfamiliar* style.  So a *lolita* seamstress, who does a lot of loli work. would of course be able to figure out what the heck you are saying.. but the lady who does mostly bridesmaid's dresses? uh.... not so much.  As well as the seamstress or volunteer labor you may have available (someone's mom, a pro seamstress, a college student who needs money ..hint, hint....) may not be at all used to Lolita. Anyone who went through fashion design classes is used to reading a croquis or flats (the diagram style of drawing) because thats how its done "in the industry" the construction people who make the sample clothes for the big names? they may not speak the same language as the designer, so ALL information may have to be transmitted in these flats..... they are an industry standard. and easy to use even for a non "industry" seamstress.  -fabricdragon 

here is our base template to be printed on a regular 8 1/2 by 11" piece of white paper

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Muslim Lolita??

Hello there I'm Aira from Malaysia and Im a Muslim.

I'm really curious about what other Lolitas think about us muslim Lolitas.
We're muslims and have dress codes which are to cover our hair and we just LOVE Lolita.  We go out wearing lolita with our hijabs and we're proud that we can mix out faith and our admirations together..

I'm just curious of what the general Lolita community thinks of us wearing a hijab with lolita clothes because we've been getting very harsh comments from the Lolita community here in Malaysia and we think it's not fair to decriminte just because we don't show our hair? more info on our problem are on our blog:- Muslim Lolita blog  I'll be looking forward to comments. Thank you~

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For anyone looking to waste an hour or two... :3

Has this not been posted yet? http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?gameid=146

Totally cute dress-up game with lots of customization options! It's best suited for sweet and casual lolita, but you can pull off some gothic and classic outfits too. Here's mine:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I want to see what you guys come up with! And feel free to make this a general dress-up game discussion/pic-swap.
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Just wondering...

Are there any Lolita fashion based "newsletters"?
Like a community which updates every time a new collection from a brand comes out and such?

If not, who would like to help create one? I wouldn't mind looking for some brands, but there's a lot x_x'
It would be a community announcing Sales, Lucky Packs and shop updates in general with pictures and such ^^

Two notes:
1- To the mods: not sure how to tag this, and LJ doesn't let me too... sorry! It says " Client error: Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal "
2- To everyone: my english is a bit rusty, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough >_<  

Edit (07/24) : Thank you all for your comments ^^ I'm happy there's a lot of people interested!
I'd just like to say I'm going on a small trip this weekend, and I'm coming back monday (07/26). I'll answer the comments on that day!
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wonder party


Today I bought some Art Deco nail polish - the kind with a super thin brush so you can paint cute things on your nails :)
This got me thinking, what have you all painted on your nails?
How about a general nail thread? I love seeing deco nails too!

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