July 21st, 2010

Sorry mates, i couldn't help myself!

I know it's annoying to post this but....

This just made me laugh, it's kind of like hot topic i guess.
I'm thinking this is probably bad quality, the ribbons look a little iffy.
Just wondering if anyones bought it. I think it's a bit too pink for me even if it was quality personally.

This site is linked to vampirefreaks.com which in case you didn't know is kind of like a goth/alternative myspace.
I use it, but have never actually bought something on their clothing site.
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hand made cloak

my sewing machine has been broken for about 5 months now and about a month ago i wanted to sew, so i went to primemark and picked up a throw (cheap way to get fabric, only cost £2.50) and i made a cloak with rabbit ears and lace. it only took me about 2 hours to make (including the time it took me to think of how to do it).
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Anyone own these petticoats?

So, I'm on the look out for some petticoats. I used to have a couple of awesome ones, but I "lost" them in my last move (like they walked away and into my old room mates room. :P). I don't want to spend more than $30-$50 for a petticoat, because eh, I love Lolita, but I just don't wear it often enough anymore to warrant my spending $60+ on a petti for my skirts.

That being said, I've been looking at the following two petticoats, and was wondering if anyone has bought them, and what they thought of them? I'm mostly interested in the feel, shape, and poofy-ness.

Bodyline Petticoat
Petticoat by "Peacockalorum" on Etsy

If you have any suggestions, that would rock my socks, too. I want something preferably 17 inches to 20 inches that comes in both black and white. A-line or bell shape would work.