July 19th, 2010


Sock shop!

I found this Sock Shop through a friend's Facebook today:


They have really quirky socks and some styles / prints I've never seen before!  A lot of them might be a bit too wild for loli style, but it's still definitely worth checking out something different from sock-dreams.

I really like this one.  It reminds me of Meta's Punkma (right?) print: http://www.artisansocks.com/celestestein-tights/celestestein-pink-camo-leggings-657.asp

And this one is really cute if you knew how to work it: http://www.artisansocks.com/ozone-socks/ozone-argyle-angora-knee-socks-43.asp
Shiro Loli

Roll Call! Kajonk-A-Con 2010

Kajonk-A-Con 2010
Location: UT Conference Center, Knoxville, TN, USA (NOT the massive glass Expo Center, BTW)
Dates: November 12th to the 14th
Panel Date: To Be Determined (Most likely the 13th)

I need to know whether the following people will still be able to come as of today. This is just a preliminary roll call for the people who have offered. As we get closer and closer to the con there will be more roll call posts to see who's really coming.
Here I'll list the people and the styles they offered to wear. If you would like me to change any of the information just say so in the comments.

Collapse )

Also we are still looking for more people (just in case someone drops out, as well as for the pure fun of having more people!), so if you are interested, don't be nervous! Just say so in a comment and I will edit the post accordingly.

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Just posting a warning to everyone, apologies if this has been posted already.

A friend just linked me to Lolitashow.com claiming they'd heard "good things" about them.. I got on and looked around, and stolen photos and lacemonsters aplenty.

Based on the item pages and color selection, is it possible we're looking at the second coming of Milanoo? Everything on there just screams Milanoo to me.

ETA: A quick Google search of the address on the FAQ page confirms this is indeed another Milanoo front!

Space Solutions?

Hey egl! What's up?

So, I am about to make a big move into a smaller apartment with my boyfriend, and I am anxious to see.....your space solutions! Do you have a clever way to store your brand? Some ingenious space saving hanging techniques? Miracle products? Please share your wisdom! Pictures would be wonderful! Thank you!

*EDIT* I am moving to America. Sorry for the confusion, I've been packing boxes in the heat all day!
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New moderator

Please say hello to our newest moderator lainnocence ^_^ I'm sure many of you will recognise her name. She will be a moderator foregl but currently not any sub-communities. Welcome!

On that note, just to let everyone know I'm cutting back my time on EGL/comm_sales. I'm going to remove myself from the list of active mods, but i will still be around - please, PM me only if it's something you desperately need me for. I'll still be updating feedback but i doubt anyone really cares - I don't know when i'll be returning fully. Ciao.

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EGL nests?

Hey :)

I'm moving into a dorm room in little more than a month, and would like some ideas for EGLing my dorm room on a college student's tight budget. I've already got a bed set, but I'm looking for more than just that. Ideas, pictures, and shopping links are all greatly appreciated :)