July 17th, 2010

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Budget Themed Etsy Treasury :D

This one is on a budget of 45.00 or less (not including shipping) with a vintage flare! Many classic and some sweet brands have retro influences so I went through and picked only things from etsy's vintage shops. I tried to get a variety of things from dresses to purses and fun belt buckles. I hope you enjoy... this treasury was a challenge to put together.
 Additionally, for those who love straw boaters...
i got one at JCpenny for 8.00
ayu mask

Bay Area's August Great America Meetup reminder

Hallo again,

This is a reminder for the San Francisco/Bay Area lolitas about the Great America meetup early August.

Tickets are discounted to $30/person when you purchase online with a buddy. All of the details can be found on my LJ here. Please RSVP there ^3^. It's still a bit ahead of time, but the sooner you can RSVP the better, so that I have an accurate idea of how many people are coming.

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Ladies, Your help please!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am trying to finish my recent blog post, but have run into a snag.

The post is about Summer hair styles and I know in the hot months a lot of girl cut their hair.

I have hip length hair, so I can't show cute ways to style and accessorize short hair, so I am asking ya'll for help.

Would you mind posting pictures of your Summer Hair Styles? Especially if you have short hair, and I'll credit your picture in my post.

Thank you!

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Old AP Set Identification

Hey girls! I need a little help identifying a bustier and skirt set from Angelic Pretty from this photo shoot:


I messaged literaryeagle and all the information that she had was that she bought it second hand a few years ago. Does anybody know what year it was made, what it's called, and what other colours it comes in? It looks similar to the Mode Girl top so maybe it was made around the same time... I'm really wanting to buy this set but I have no idea how to look for it since it's at least a few years old. Any help with identification would be appreciated!
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A really basic question about this community.

I tried searching the answer by using the searching function, but I found many different sort of things that was not what I was trying to find. So, if anybody can just quickly give me a link I will delete this as soon as possible. I want to know how to put up pictures on this community and the sales community. I know probably people have been asked these kinds of question a lot and it's very basic. Posting pictures are all different from place to place and it always gives me a hard time... I think I saw some posting about this issue before but I can't find it. I am completely lost... Please help!

Coming out of the frilly closet

 So recently I decided to go to a tea party being held by the local lolitas in my city. I have recently moved to a new city and I wanted to introduce myself to the local community, so I wanted to attend. The location of the tea party was far far away from any place I had been or knew how to get to. I had no choice but to ask my brother for a ride. I had been living alone since I started wearing lolita, but now I live with my family. I have hid alot of my lolita-isms. My clothes are hanging up in the closet, my tea cups in a box under the bed, my bags are hanging up behind the door and my headbows in the drawer, but not that day. That day, the lolita came out. I was nervous, none of my family members had ever seen me dress up completely. I was afraid of their reactions. I just acted like everything was normal. My grandmother was the first one to see me. She walked in my room and stood by my bedroom door smiling, she said nothing, she walked out and returned with a disposable camera. "You look so pretty!" she snapped more pictures. In the car my brother said nothing, we talked about the city, driving, tattoos.  We finally got there and when I got out of the car he leaned over and handed me my parasol, then he said, "hey, you look nice today" 
I had come out to my family. 
It sounds so silly that I was afraid of what they would think of me. That I would dress this way in public but not around my family. i felt like I was coming out of my own frilly closet. 
May I ask... has anyone else experienced coming out as a lolita to their family? 
adoara, lolita
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My 1st review! ^.^ Bodyline!

I order from bodyline plenty of times before but never wrote a review on the store.  Bodyline is the place I bought my 1st lolita dress from, so I already liked their store.  So here is my 1st review ^.^  Remember I'm a newbie here lol

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