July 16th, 2010

Halloween guro lolita nurse

Lolita Video Games?!

So I found this cute DS game called A Witches Tale

its a mix between halloween and fairytales
its about a girl who unleashes an evil witch and now she has to save the kingdoms again
on the way she has to collect cards and dolls which help her defeat monsters
she casts spells etc, she even has a cute pumpkin umbrella
the music is cute, the graphics is good as well as the designing and drawings..
ud think this would be an easy game, but its not.. it has puzzles and many rooms to a kingdom
i love it when my bf got it for my bday

any other videogames that remind you of lolita?

Getting Braces, But I Still Want to Wear Lolita!

So getting right to the point, I need braces. My teeth aren't exactly a "mess" but I would really prefer to have better looking teeth.

With that said, are there any lolis out there wearing braces? I know that this seems like an odd question, but I haven't seen any pictures of lolis wearing them, and if they're out there, I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me links or anything :)

Also, if this isn't an appropriate post, feel free to delete :3

Rose Melody Alice Memory Jsk

Hey (:
Sorry about this quick question, has anyone ordered the Rose Melody Alice Memory Jsk from Qutieland?
I would like the dress in the colour it has it in the picture, but in the colour option it only has pink (dark). I'm not too sure if it means the same colour as the picture because in the picture it has dark pink ribbon down near the print, so that's probably what they're talking about, but the main colour it seems to me is brown. I just wanted to be certain before I purchased it. :P
Has anyone ordered this in dark pink and is the colour correct to the picture?

Thanks ^^