July 15th, 2010

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Lolita On A Budget - Steampunk Lolita

I love steampunk, and one of my favorite things to see is Steampunk Lolita, art and drawings, and outfits. So a few months ago a friend of mine was throwing a steampunk loita meet up in honor of a DaVinci exibit in Baltimore. It took me a month and countless thrift shopping excursions but I made it and I made it cheap.

This has to be one of my FAVORITE lolita outfits that I own. I'm also planning to wear it to Otakon this year.

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Photo Request: Hot Weather Lolita

Hello everyone.  I'm looking for photoposts of meet-ups or coordinates in hot weather.  Mainly, I'm trying to convince a friend that I'm not crazy for attempting a Lolita event in August when it could be in the 90s (Fahrenheit).  I'm also trying to figure out if people are still apt to go all out for a meet-up even if the weather is quite warm.  Comfort vs. making a grand impression?   (I've found posts with suggestions of how to adapt Lolita for warm weather, but what I'm looking for is pictoral evidence of what people actually wear in such circumstances.)  Any links or advice are appreciated.  Thank you!
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 I was just wondering if you girls could provide me with stock pictures of old-school dresses, skirts, or just anything that isn't post-OTT lolita breakout, so to speak? I have run dry of inspiration, and as I'm not keen on today's dress designs I'm looking to find enough photos for my folders on which I can base my own designs. I am looking for things like these:

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Thank you so much! When I'm done organising my inspiration files, I'll upload them in a .zip for all of you - trust me, it'll pay off for your help! <3

Monthly Theme: Lolita on a Budget

I am an impoverished college student, so if I don't do Lolita on a budget, I don't do Lolita at all. The only time brand has ever crossed my path was when I reverently held the last Baby the Stars Shine Bright sceptor at the New York City Kinokuniya for a few precious minutes. I usually buy my Lolita clothing from Etsy, In the Starlight (may it rest in peace) or thrift stores.

In order to stretch my wardrobe, I decided to start sewing my own Lolita clothing so today I made my first skirt. I bought the material and the trim for $2.99 a yard each, and made up the pattern as I went along.

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