July 13th, 2010


 Hi everyone! I'm new to this LJ community-well, LJ period. Anyways, I really, really love the looks of chokers and everything, but I'm claustrophobic in a way and can't stand to wear them. Do you have any suggestions for jewelry-particularly necklaces and possibly even stores that have jewelry with a kind of Loli grace? Sorry if this is a pointless post. :)
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Gothic Lolita

Measurments to include when ordering from a Taobao shop.

So, I'm going to make my first Taobao order soon (nervous!!), and will be ordering custom sizes for everything. Of course, I imagine I should include bust, waist, hip, arm (for blouses) and length measurements, but is there anything else I should include - like shoulder width, neck width? (Not like I have an unusually large neck. xD) And when ordering a custom blouse for length - the standard is measuring from the back of the neck (where the collar would be) to the point where you'd like it to end, right?

It's been so long since I ordered anything custom. So any pointers would be appreciated, ladies! :)

PS: I looked for one in the memories and search, but is there a Taobao FAQ anywhere? If not, we should totally make one.

ANOTHER Metamorphose lucky pack!! :D

 I've been so nervous waiting for my lucky pack, and finally today at about 11:30 the doorbell rang... i wasn't sure that the mail man had what i was waiting for, but when i saw the pink bag in his hand i got SO excited!!!!
Im pretty happy with my lucky pack, i was hoping to get a pattern but i really like the color of my dress :D.

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BTSSB Lucky Packs

This is probably a really dumb question, but I can't (for some reason) translate this page:

But these are Baby Lucky Packs right? Is this old, because as far as I can tell it looks like you can order them. *confused* 
This question can be deleted if it's inappropriate.

If this isn't a current LP sale for Baby, does anyone know when (or approx. when) the Baby LPs will go on sale?

Edit: Never mind about the link, it's definitely old :P