July 10th, 2010

Which petti is poofier?

Dear Celine.. or KKJJ?

I've owned a KKJJ once, but thanks to a manufacturing error it was too short. So I'm in the market for another one that's poofier than the one I own, and I narrowed it down to these two. Which one do you like the most, ladies? I'm looking for a lot of cupcake poofage :3


Thanks to Kuroshitsuji ( XD ),I've been on a millinery kick and I wanted to make my own hats and maybe even sell them!

May you all please share with me any good patterns or tips on making hats such as these?
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Gothic & Lolita Ensemble

I went to an anime day event today which was a bit of a let down but I found Volume 1 of Gothic & Lolita Ensemble. I'm not really familiar with this magazine except that I know it's one of the newer loli magazines ^^ It's really cute and has a lot of really good photoshoots, I was just curious if anyone knew more about it than I do.
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BJD, and BtSSB, and KG, Oh My!

One of the dolls for the the Osaka Dolpa is wearing a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Dress that looks like the first dress owned by Momoko Ryugasaki in Kamikaze Girls. It didn't appear in the film version, but in the novel it's described as, "...a red gingham-checked dress with a shirred bodice and three tiers of lace on either side, the whole thing accented with red ribbons and extravagantly adorable corsage-type roses."

Apparently Volks sold a doll-sized version of the dress with Kira in 2002. What I'm wondering, is whether or not the dress is an old design from Novala Takemoto's time at BtSSB.

Lolita-eating chicken.

I know the conversation comes up here often about what the most unlolita thing you've ever done in lolita is, and I belive that what I have done tops the list of unlolitaest things done in lolita ever.

LJ cut for those who don't eat meat or don't want to hear about meat, or who are very sensitive to the plight of animals.

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