July 9th, 2010


Hello! I've just started to LOVE lolita, but due to my age, I'm unable to get much money other than from allowance. Are there any places for lolita that anyone could recommend to me? I would be very grateful. Thanks! :)

P.S. If there was an Alice In Wonderland themed set (or any piece for that matter) I think I might die, and go to heaven.
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Response: Tricorn tutorial

There was a recent request for a tricorn tutorial on here. Just wanted to let everyone who expressed interest in a tutorial on that post that I have completed a Millinery Introduction post, and a flat patterning tutorial for a pillbox or tricorn hat.

If you're interested in either of these things, check them out on my blog, or head over tosew_loli  where I posted the flat patterning tutorial.

Here's a gothic lolita style tricorn hat I made using similar techniques:

scissorfiend tricorn hat

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Belle - Golden

Lolita for big girls


I am writing to all the lolita lovers who are around 5'8 and size 10 or bigger.  I am 5'8 size 10 american and I am considering either this or this dress from Qutieland.  All my girfriends are 5'3 and 102 lbs and when they get all dressed up they look like little dolls, I'm just worried I'll look weird because I'm so much taller then them. 

Is anyone out there a size 10 who dresses lolita or is it reserved for smaller girls.  Thanks!  Also, any advice about ordering from Qutieland/which dress to pick would be awesome.

Sweet dreams!

PAX Prime

I just got my tickets for PAX Prime this year, in downtown Seattle- I'm a major RvB fan so I'll be there for the Rooster Teeth booth and panels- and was wondering if there were any local Washington lolitas who would be going, or would be interested in meeting up afterward?


^ For tickets and information.

I'll be flying in from New York on that Thursday, September 2nd, and I will be bringing a suitcase full of loli, albeit with a RvB twist. ;)

I've never been to Seattle before, and while I know there will be a group thing for some RvB nerds either Friday or Saturday, I'm fair game for any suggestions. ^^

looking for a picture

 A while ago, i saw a picture of a girl wearing a dress/skirt with a chess print. But with big chess pieces on it.
I thought it was awesome, but I forgot to save it on my computer.
I tried searching, but could not find it.