July 8th, 2010

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Two questions

Hi there,

I have two questions. Firstly, an anyone tell me what year this OP is from? I got it last year from a second-hand shop, and I haven't seen it in any GLB as of yet. It wasn't in perfect state either, but it was good enough to be worn (it's almost just as pictured - there are minore failures in some parts of the sailor collar and some on the pink fabric too).

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And lastly, does anyone know or have the measurements to the Diamond Bunny OP, by Angelic Pretty? I unfortunately lack a measuring tape at the moment, and I'm trying to sell this OP. It's a rather old OP so it's a bit tiny.

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Thank you for answering my questions! It's muchly appreciated. <3
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Question About Montreal Shoe Sellers

Ack I just posted yesterday for one thing and now I have another question already!

A few months back I saw shoes I really liked that ling_lam was selling, but after all I've heard about her terrible customer service, I dropped the idea and gave up on the shoes.

But I recently found the same brand with two other ebay sellers, and one of them at least seems to be a reliable seller (according to EGL) so I thought maybe I could get me some Montreal shoes after all.

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Review: Surface Spell Gothic and Taobaobuying

My Surface Spell Gothic purchase from Taobao has arrived. So, here is the review for it.

I purchased from the taobao shop called Surface Spell Gothic, a custom blouse. The blouse was chosen for the purpose of showing off one of my collar necklace that I had it custom made from etsy.

Here is the link to the store:


Here is the link to the specific blouse that I ordered.

It's called Night Wing Gothic Style Queen's Shirt

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Did Meta cancel my order without telling me?

I ordered a lucky pack from Meta when they re-added them about a week ago, paid with my credit card and received a confirmation email from Meta. I was surprised that I still haven't been sent shipping details, and when I checked my credit card transaction record today, Meta's payment didn't show up. Now I wonder if they've just canceled my order and not told me? I've emailed them, but have yet to receive a response.

For the others who haven't received shipping details yet, do your payments show up?
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Dutch Summer meet-up pictures

So we had a great picnic in Utrecht last weekend, the only bad thing  was that is started to rain like crazy in the end.
The whole week it was 25+ deg and dry and now on this day the rain came :s
So there were all soaked lolita's at the end of the day..
We had to go into the H&M because some needed dry clothings and socks Oo, it was very bad!


On to the pictures:
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