July 7th, 2010

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pic request! Show me your yellow coords!~

So, I just bought Meta's sweet park skirt in Yellow and I absolutely LOVE it! I never thought yellow would look so good on me, and the fact that it has mint on it as a complimentary color just makes me squeal! I want to get more yellow stuff now, but I haven't found anything that I have really fell in love with as much as this print. I also want to find some brand accessories that would go well with this skirt. Thanks!

Otakon Lolita Card Swap Game Update!

I'm reposting this for the last time, since there've been a lot of questions for updated info. Even if you're read it before, please look again, because there's new info below!

Do you like meeting new people? Do you often leave a con wishing you'd remembered the name of that lolita wearing that stunning coordination? Do you like games, or at least fabulous prizes? Then have I got the event for you!

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Circle Lenses: Illegal contraband?

Some people may have seen this already, but I thought I'd share.

I found this featured video on Yahoo News today. It's a clip from the Today show where the reporter discusses the "circle lens craze" in the wake of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video, and cites a doctor stating that circle lenses can cause loss of vision because they aren't specially fitted to the wearer's cornea.

Link to the video because I can't find the option to embed it.

What do you guys think? Would you stop wearing or be scared away from trying circle lenses because of this report?

A Novala book question (possibly solved?)

Do any of you remember, in the first english GLB, an interview with Novala Takemoto about his picture book, Princess Scale? Every since I read that interview, I have been dying to get my hands on a copy of this book or at least find out where it is sold, and I'm very surprised I haven't asked egl about it. Do any of you have any information on this book, sellers, cost, just a site where I can see a preview even? Obviously, it is not available in America, but if I can find a copy online, that would make my heart soar. Literally. Anyone know anything?

Edit: Someone has told me they have seen a copy of this book in a book store and are going to let me know if it is there, etc. Thanks to everyone for the shipping info. about amazon.jp. I will have to look into that as well!
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Toothpaste--not just for the pearly whites

I read this in this month's issue of Real Simple magazine and thought that tea party wearing lolis might find this useful, as I've heard they scuff easily (or even bags perhaps?). 

Return white or light-colored shoes to their original state by erasing scuff marks with a soft toothbrush and a white nongel paste. Remove excess with a damp cloth.

And who wouldn't want minty fresh shoes?
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First attempt: sweet loli ring ^^

I love sweet deco jewelry so I decided to have a go at making a mini strawberry cookie ring with whipped cream. I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I know now what I would do differently the next time :)

Edit Again:
I made a couple more cute things (look under the cut for more photos) :)

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Edit: Does the strawberry on top make this fruits related? Heehee yay fruits month :D
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Meta's Gardening Teddy series

I've been stalking egl and my sister, waiting to see people's lucky packs and to see if mine's come yet. (I got one of both, and I'm super pumped. Everyone's been getting great stuff!) Then I looked on the Meta site and saw their new series and it made me wish I had saved my money!
Gardening Teddies!
The print is a cute floral with teddy bears in it, but muted colors. Like how most lolita dresses used to be before the cotton candy prints got so ubiquitous. It has a cute bear added to the florals that kind of blends in, too. The pieces are rich with ruffles, pin-tucks, and other details.
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The best one of the set is something I've never seen before: A set that's an apron and drawers! So cute! Obviously you'd have to wear a blouse, but it would be comfy, and something different, too. I really wish there was a picture of this made up, because the sample dresses look so pretty and take good advantage of the fabric.
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What do you guys think of this new series? Have there been lots of different sets like this that I've just missed out on?

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Reminder Post~

For those who may have missed, I've started a photo book project for Misako Aoki, and I'm looking for photo submissions!

I've extended the deadline for entry since I haven't been getting enough. You can see all the details at the original post!

Some girls are collecting photos and stuff on behalf of their country (Portugal, Chile, etc.), so if you are interested in doing that as well, let me know :3

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Cyperous Wig and Verified with Visa

Hi, I have a question about using Cyperous. I followed all the basic steps to order a wig and thought I was all done when I get stopped by Verified with Visa, which wants me to start a Verified with Visa account to make sure no one else is using my credit card. I checked out Verified with Visa and it seemed legit, so I filled out the info and clicked continue. Then I get a simple page from Cyperous that says only:



The Engrish translator just gave me a mess, and there's nothing about this error in the instructions. I already gave them my address, email and credit card #, so I can only hope that my order went through and I actually bought the wig I wanted. Anyone have any help or experience with this?

thanks in advance for your help!

Quick Bodyline Question

 Hello everyone! Please pardon my intrusion, but I have a quick question. My friends and I are having a group order from Bodyline. Howevr . . . One of the items I'd like to purchase is not in stock (it's a wig). Does Bodyline ever restock items? If so, when? 
Thank you!

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Question About Prints

Hello! I am starting sewing lessons with a very nice lady soon who used to be a professional seamstress (specializing in bridal) and I am determined to work hard at it, since I have a slightly larger bust and am tall, making it hard to get lolita clothes to fit me (so sewing would be the good solution). I probably won't be attempting anything lolita for quite awhile, because it's kind of complicated and I don't want to overwhelm myself (I'm starting off with a pillowcase and an apron), but if I can ever get to the point where I can actually make simple lolita clothing, I was looking at fabric online to use.

Because I still am not good enough at "eye-balling" lolita, I cannot always tell if a print is or isn't suitable for lolita, so I thought I would post pictures of my favorite fabrics I saw and confirm with you guys if they can or can't be used for lolita. I'm into sweet and classic, so I will attempt to categorize the fabrics by the two categories. Correct me if I am wrong on any of them (like calling a more classic print sweet), or if the print is just not suitable for lolita (and if so, explain why).

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Budget Loli~!!!

This is my first time posting so I apologize if it's all crappy and what not. XD

It was easy to post something for this theme because I always have to budget in order to wear Lolita. It's just too expensive for me, and for my parents. So, my way of budgeting is just buying cute cheap stuff and making my own clothes. (well, I don't make them. My mom does. XD)

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So, what do you think? :"3

Combined Shipping with ling_lam?

Hello, this question is mostly for Canadians, but I suppose anyone can answer.

I'm looking to order a pair of rocking horse shoes from ling_lam and maybe some other things and I was wondering how low their combined shipping prices are. Like, how much do they cut down? Because I don't want to pay a lot in shipping for multiple items and I'd like to know how others fared in this situation.

Now, for fellow Canadians: Did you have to pay any hefty custom fees or did they mark the item down low enough or as a gift? Thanks!