July 6th, 2010

Plush Bags :)

I've fallen in love with the Baby bunny bear bag, I've seen it in a few different coordinates and I adore it ^^ I can't really find a place to purchase the bag and I thought it might be fun to try to make my own. (It seems simple enough) I just wanted opinions on homemade bags, would it be tacky?
I was thinking of lolifying a stuffed animal such as -->

Or perhaps even *gasp*

Comments/Suggestions? <3
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A July Wedding!

sassystrawberry got married last Saturday! The lot of us became friends through cosplay, loli, dolls (and not necessarily in that order, haha) and with eight years of friendship down the road, we still do love the same things but we've also grown into becoming more than just loli pals. So at the risk of sounding maudlin, whenever one of us gets married, it just feels that extra special?? Especially since this time, some of us who were overseas flew back especially to attend her wedding.

The bride decided to have a mint x pink theme for the bridesmaids (I'm one of them, heh) and after the church ceremony, the bridesmaids plus friends changed to lolita wear for the hotel lunch reception ♥


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* Thank you, everyone, for your comments!! Sorry I couldn't reply to every single comment as I'll probably end up sounding repetitive ><" And sassystrawberry is a regular reader of the comm so I'm sure she saw and is touched by all your well-wishes and congratulations~ But I'll be sure to pass your messages along to her too XD

Bodyline Small Sizes

This is my first time making a LJ post, so I hope I'm doing this right ^^;
I've been looking at Bodyline and reviews for it and everything, and I want to try ordering a dress. However, I'm 5'2 and petite, and all of the dresses I've looked at on Bodyline have nothing smaller than a medium available, which has measurements 10 cm or so larger than mine. Do the dresses just run really small, or am I missing something?

A bit of randomness on Mbok a friend showed me, anyone else see this?

I sincerely hope this was a massive typo, a joke, or drunk posting on part of the seller:


That price??? For a cutsew??? Now I know lolita can be extraordinarily expensive, but this is going a *bit* too far.

Mods: if this is inappropiate, please delete. I thought it was really funny and wanted to see if anyone else has seen it too.

EDIT: Apparently, the seller is trying to show more pictures of the item than Mbok allows. The page still looks rather amusing IMO; also makes one think of lolita pricing for old, rare items.
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Lace Monster Eat Your Burando!

I'm so fed up with you guys! I hope you all get ita dresses for Christmas! (Unless you celebrate another holiday, then I hope you get them then!)

Naw, I'm just kidding! I'm just giving you guys another fun discussion topic: Lolita Insults! For once, you will actually WANT to get mad at people! Think of the most terrible things (lolita related, of course!) to say to people. Or rather, completely comical things that are still just as "insulting". Perhaps a short phrase or simply a new curse word (that way we will still be elegant/cute while cursing someone out!). You can even suggest something to say when you're excited or surprised, too. Again, I don't remember this sort of discussion coming up. If it has, let's see what new things we can come up with!

Sweet tea, I hope this is good!

Innocent World Lucky Pack Summer 2010 ¥52,500 size

 Photos of my IW LP.  A little of everything, but only some stuff matches. (like why did they taunt me with the little bag that has same print as the OP but in different color?)

I like that I got border prints (in the skirt and the OP), all the brand prints I have are all over prints, so this is something new for my wardrobe.

I had been wanting a straw bag for the summer and this brown one will coord with lots things.  So very happy with the bag. 
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Dinosaur comics

Otakon Lolita Fashion Show second call for designers and models~!

Hey everyone I wanted to let you know that we are still on the lookout for designers and esspecialy models for the 2010 Otakon Lolita Fashion Show! For updates on the show and What will be happening this year feel free to watch the Otakon Loli Show Community and I'll be posting updated about designers featured, time and date as I get them!

To Apply to be a designer for the 2010 Otakon Lolita show please fill out the form HERE

To apply to be a model for the 2010 Otakon Lolita show please fill out this for HERE~!

Designers will be picking from the pool of models who apply. . and please don't apply if you aren't going to be at otakon.

The date of the con is sneaking up fast so the cutoff date for designers is the 11th and the cut off date for models is the 20th~!