July 5th, 2010


Small Meetup at San Japan: 3


Having a small meetup for all the Lolitas attending San Japan in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday July 11, 2010.
We will have everyone meet up at the Sanrio Store in the River Center Mall and Lunch at Chili's.
Please see post on the San Antonio Texas Lolita Community (join our community too ;] ). 

Hope to see y'all there and meet with friends and new Lolitas <3

Lolita in the making

Hey it's mayo and I need some help. BIG TIME! I'm planning to make a lolita dress that relates to both the themes on egl: Lolita on a budget and fruits! Im refashioning an old dresses my grandmother passed down to me.  Heres the pictures:
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BayAreaEGLmeetup.com group/SF Japanese Tea Gardens Meetup

Crossposted in my own journal, ca_egl and egl so sorry if you see this more than once <3

I just wanted to pass along that karishay is hosting a fun & cheap meetup this week through meetup.com-

When: This Friday July 9th
Time: 9:30 AM (yep, you read that right. We're meeting up so early so we can get in for free)
Where: Japanese Tea Garden
7 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA
What: Come explore San Francisco's beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens for free (as long as we enter before 10AM) and bring a dish to share at the potluck brunch. We're meeting up at the front gate of the gardens at 9:30am so that we can all go in together by 10am. There should be street parking that early or there is also a paid garage next to the Academy of Sciences.

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Hi girls! I'll be going to NYC later this month with my boyfriend and I need a little help...

I heard there's a store that sells lolita clothing (Baby, AP), as well as a cutesy Japanese boutique that sells stationery, magazines (e.g., Kera), accessories, etc. Does anyone know the name of such a store? I've heard of Kinokuniya, but I don't think they have lolita things...

I was also wondering if any NYC lolis had suggestions for lolita-esque activities or Japanese restaurants to visit while we're there.

Thanks ^ ^


Wallpapers ~! And a question.

Well I obeyed XD Based on the last art post I made, I made a wallpaper of this image. So I thought I'd make wallpapers of some other lolita-related work I've done and share them here :)~

There's a few lolita flavors XD I draw anything <3 I have them in 3 sizes so the quality can adjust better to those monitors (So it doesn't blur or stretch; in the case of older operating systems lol like mine). The biggest I could make was 1280x1024 tho!

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How should I improve this outfit to make it more Lolita?

I'm new to the fashion and recently got this really simple but cute dress by Peace Now. (ordered it from Closet Child)

Now, it's basically my dream to be able to dress in lolita and not be an 'ita', so i was wondering if the community could share their opinions on what I can change/replace/alter/etc.

I found a nice blouse from my mother's closet (i don't ever wear blouses, planning on buying a couple) and some shoes that I bought at a thrift store that I thought were loliable.

blouse: tinyurl.com/29eqsyc  dress: tinyurl.com/2dqarew  dress(back): tinyurl.com/2ayp6xg  bust(?): tinyurl.com/2fzmp55 
shoes: tinyurl.com/2dt5x92  full front: tinyurl.com/28j97fw   full back: tinyurl.com/2bx2zcf  side: tinyurl.com/28jo8vw
bottom front: tinyurl.com/23bxm6g  bottom back: tinyurl.com/2924ckb

Here is the one thing that really bothers me about the dress: it's at least 4 - 5 inches above the knee... >__>

What can i wear underneath it? If I wear a petticoat, the dress will poof up and surely show even more thigh D:
I know that i can wear bloomers, but i'm worried they will peak out, and won't that look a bit funny?
Can I just tight female boxers underneath?

EDIT:  I forgot to mention that the ruffled part of the dress is somewhat separate of the rest of the bottom of the dress, so it's like a tube skirt + the ruffles, and then the flared part...

circle lens in HK?

 Hello~ This is my first time posting...so please tell me if something is wrong or delete it if this is not allowed. :D

Em i will be going to HK on the 20th and i checked the memories for where to go for the clothes and shoes.

But i could not find where to purchase Circle lenses in HK, could anyone tell me where could i get them :D

And  BTW, Where is IN-NI?

Thank you so much :D ^_________^

PS:Shen Zhen Area would be fine too :D
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