July 3rd, 2010

Monthly Theme: Lolita on a Budget

  Since all of my money goes towards student loans and groceries try to make a lot of my cute Lolita dresses.  My latest project is a dress that I am going to wear on my trip to SLC Utah next weekend.  I will tally up the total when I am done but I am hoping to make this dress for less that $40.00 for supplies.  It is going to be that pretty blue color that the heart is with white accents.   I have high hopes for it.

I will be posting the progress of the dress and more on my blog,
A Sweet Lolita in Debt
So, if you would like to see more hop on over and check it out.  If you girls and guys have any critiques please let me know.  Thank You.
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Lolitas in Hungary ?

Hello EGL !
I'm going to Hungary this summer , I will be there the 23rd of July and stay there for 17 days. So , I'm wondering if there are any lolitas in Hungary ? I go to Budapest the 6th of August and stay there for three days , so the 8th of August would be great :)
Btw , I'm fourteen years old , from Sweden , and a quite new lolita , but I thought that this may be fun ! :)
(Sorry for my English xp)
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Wallets plz?


I could not find my answer through the memories on here so I just thought I would ask.

I bought a Anna Sui wallet around January and the paint started to come off and it looks like a mess :( So, I was wondering how good/sturdy the brand name wallets are? I'm preferably looking for SWIMMER wallets but I'd like to know how good the quality the other brand names wallets are and are they worth it?

Yes, another Meta LP post

Has anyone received notice yet that their LP has been shipped out? I emailed them asking, but haven't received a response yet. I'm moving in less than a week and I'm really hoping the package gets here before then. =/
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bicep circumference o.o

Hi! I'd a little research before, but nothing really answer my question (a question that I'm not sure how to formulate it. There, I have chubby arms and, the only time I bought a blouse, it didn't fit only at this place (for information, it was the blouse L070 from Bodyline, a size 2L). My biceps circumference is between 38/40 cm and I always had 'big arms' XD ... I don't know why o.o
So, I have two questions : With bicep circumference like that, can I hope that a blouse will ever fit me? And, how can I know if a blouse fit me in that area?
I wonder if it is only Bodyline who do tight sleeve circumference, or, if for a size XL, I have really monstreous arms.

Thank you very much!

ps. I want to buy from Qutie, maybe they do sleeves more large?
pps. I speak French, sorry for my lack of fluidity in my writing and/or incomprehensible thing ^-^;
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Anime Expo Last Day SALE!! EGL Exclusive!!

Announcement from Harajuku Hearts!

Tomorrow, 7/4/2010, at Anime Expo in LA we will be having a huge sale!

Metamorphose, Maxicimam, Atelier Pierrot, Chantilly items: All 20% off!!

Putumayo, Deorart, Listen Flavor, Algonquin, Sex Pot Revenge: All 10% off!!

All Paris Kid's Items will be $5!

New items from Putumayo & Sex Pot Revenge just came in, so please come visit!

Please mention about this post to get the discount!
Thank you!!

Finishing an edge (Solved!)

I have a question about finishing off an edge on an apron (that's the only way I can think to describe it) that I am going to wear over a lolita skirt. Due to different reasons, I cannot use a serger and I don't want to do a zig-zag stitch. Any suggestions?

Edit: I'm uploading a picture so you guys can see what I'm working with.

All the suggestions have been great, but the way I have the edge cut (I thought I was going to just serge the edge, but it turned out I can't), some of the options just won't work. Is it impossible for me to finish this edge without using zig-zag?

Edit 2: I recieved the suggestion from pattern source that hand stitching would be the best idea, and it seems hand stitching is indeed my best option in order to get the look and have the amount of control I want. Thanks for all your wonderful help and suggestions!