July 2nd, 2010

Bodyline question yet again

 Hi everyone!
I know, another Bodyline post, well, here goes nothing:
Im not sure if this is more of a picture request or a question so please just consider it as both (°ᄇ°;; ) 
I there anyone out there with these pair of shoes? Shoes200 -->http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?id=3853 


It's the very 1st thing I noticed when I first went to Bodyline
I think it's very cute, but I have doubts since I recently discovered about Bodyline's issues....
Is it comfy to walk around with?
If you do have one, can kindly post a picture to make sure the site is true to its color, I wanted the color pink btw 
Please give your opinions about it.
Thank you guys in advance, I'm quite nervous asking this since it's my very first post here (°ᄇ°;; )  

If I posted this question in the wrong place, you can delete it 
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Miracle Candy AP question

It's the first time I write in this comunity so I hope to do it well >///>
I'm dying to have a skirt of Miracle Candy AP and all the skirts I find in Taobao are out of stock T__T!!!
I would like to ask you if you know any site on taobao or ebay where I can buy this skirt (in red or black).
Thank you so so much!!!
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AAU Lolitas?

Hiii everyone!  I just thought I would try to see if there were any lovely lolitas who go or will be going to Academy of Art University.  I'm going to be attending this fall for 3D Design and Animation!  Maybe I'll get lucky and find some lolitas there to be friends with lol.  Let me know, and thanks! : )

Japanese opinions of lolitas

 Often times we've had the discussion about what the Japanese public thinks about lolitas. Many lolitas, of whom are either new to the sub-culture or unfamiliar with japanese culture, think that Japan is the oasis of lolitas. That lolitas run the streets in flocks, welcomed by the japanese public with open arms but that is not really the case. I recently found some videos of what peoples (japanese and foreign) think of lolitas. 
Be warned they are not all positive! But one guy did say that we had to have balls to dress this way, lol. 

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