July 1st, 2010

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 Misako Aoki is live on webcam answering questions for one hour RIGHT NOW. You can ask questions and they are translating things for you :) 

I won't delete since most people want to talk here! thank you for everyone for coming I'm glad a lot of lolitas woke up early with me to see this : )

You can watch the video here: www.ustream.tv/recorded/8006465

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Dutch meetup reminder! (The Netherlands) This Saturday

Just a reminder!

Gothic lolita summer picknick 3 july, Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS

It is time for the annual Dutch lolita forum picnic.
This year we decided it would be fun to also invite non-members.

So put on your pretty lolita clothing's and join us for a nice day!
Please make sure to be on time!

Meeting time: 11:45 - 12:00
Meeting location: Utrecht Central Station, in front of the blue time table sign.

Pickick location: Wilhelmina park, Utrecht

Around 12:00 we leave to the picnic location.

Be aware that you will need a bus card or money to buy a ticket to get on the location!

It is common to bring your own drinks and something to eat/sweets for more people!
It will be a hot day so bring enough water and a parasol or sunscreen.
We ofcourse will try to find a shade place, but you never know!

Hope to see you then!

Around 20+ people will come for sure~!


New layout & themes - July

We have a winner~ artwork this month is by ice_loli . Thank you very much to everyone who submitted! If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post. The results of the theme poll turned out to encourage people to submit theme suggestions. Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post, which is also linked in the page text header at the top of the community. Thank you to everyone who has already submitted ideas! Here are this months themes -

The General Theme for July is Lolita on a budget.
This month we'd like you to show us your co-ordinates on a shoestring budget. Anything related to budget lolita is welcome!

The Aesthetic Theme for July is Fruit.
Prints, recipes, photoshoots, decorations - if it has fruit in it, we want to see it!

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I am really new to lolita so im dont know how to put together a really good looking lolita outfit yet x3. Im meeting a part of my family for the first time and i am trying to put together a country lolita outfit. I got the dress but i dont have any shoes to go with it! Im kinda hopeing some one has this dress and  can tell me what they wore  with it so i can kind of have a out line on what will look good with it.

Using a petticoat for length

Hi everyone :)
I just got my Anna House package and I've tried everything on and I'm pretty happy with the fit but my only problem is that the skirt which I ordered in a small is a little short for my taste (maybe 2-3 inches above the knee). I thought it was the right length when I looked at the measurements online, but I didn't realize just how high waisted the skirt was so it makes the skirt a bit shorter.
Oh-kay, so my question is, can I use a petticoat to add length to the skirt by having it come out from underneath the skirt a few inches? I was thinking a petticoat with a nice lace on the bottom so it doesn't just look like a plain old petticoat. But I've never tried this before so can anyone give me some tips on what to do in this situation?
Thank you!

This is a picture of the skirt worn for reference. Soo underskirt required? Yes? No? I still sorta thinking yes just because I prefer a good knee length skirt, but I thought I'd post this just because I'm wondering whether it really is too short. I'm just wearing it, no petti, no nothing XD Sorry. Just a quick snap shot lol
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Why did it have to be whiiiiiiiiiiiiiite

I ordered a Meta LP "B" type, hoping to get any color but white, and got white >_<

I'm not a fan of white, but I absolutely love the cut of the dress *_* It goes right to my knees, so I don't have to worry about bending over to pick up coins or small animals.

Does anyone happen to know if with lucky packs, does the same dress tend to get repeated in the other colors? I'm wondering if I should start haggling for trades at egl sales XD;

Also, the glitter bag is incredible! Also, sheds glitter.

[EDIT]: Pics of the contents: (Dress, blouse, socks, bloomers, hair combs, single novelty item)


Cleaning an Usakumya

How would one go about safely cleaning an usakumya? In particular, I'm looking to get dirt stains off of fur of the largest white one. I searched in the memories and only found one post with a similar question, but it was for an AP scarf and makeup, so I'm not sure how much of it can be applied.
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