June 30th, 2010

A question about qi-loli and showing the proper respect...

I'm sorry if this is a bit of an unusual topic to bring up, but I'm interested in qi-lolita and I'm wondering about showing the proper respect when not only wearing but altering another culture's traditional dress...

I'm going to start by saying I'm sorry if this offends anyone, or if this topic is inappropriate for this community. Mods, please feel free to delete this post if you think it will cause trouble, I do not mind. I'm writing this out of respect, not out of judgement.

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QuiteLand problem. SOLVED

Is there something wrong with their update system my order has been the same for about 3 weeks One is "Delivering to shipping center" and the other is still processing. They both said 25 days to be made but its been about 30 or so. Are they having shipping delays or website trouble?
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New York Times Article about New People

          This isn't brand-new, but I didn't see it posted already. The New York Times did a brief article on the New People building in San Francisco's Japantown (home of the BABY the Stars Shine Bright and Black Peace Now boutiques).

          It's not particularly poignant, very short, and doesn't focus exclusively on lolita fashion. However, the style being mentioned in a publication like the New York Times means that all of my relatives have been emailing me links. Just wanted to share! :3

An All-Japanese Mash Up
matsujun, arashi

A Very Quick Question


I have a stupid question, but do the BABY stores carry items not shown on the website? My friend is in Japan right now and will shop for me, but I want to know if I should just tell him to look for things not listed on the website (like a handkerchief)...

Thank you!
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24th CandyDay

On the 19th of June we had a Lolita meetup here in Frankfurt. Although the weather wasn't nice and we were afraid all the time that it could start raining it was great fun! We had a picknick hosted by harleyharlekin at the Palmengarten here in Frankfurt where many roses were exhibited that time.

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College Lolitas?

Any lolitas going to Columbia Chicago this fall? Or returning? I'm going, just wanted to know if anyone is out there!

Anyone previously gone before? What was your experience there like, being a lolita? I'd assume, since it's an artsy school and artists of all kinds tend to be more accepting of what others would see as "strange", you didn't really have a hard time there? Any tips, regarding dressing in lolita and being there? Of COURSE I won't be wearing anything expensive I wouldn't want to get paint on during my art classes, blehh..