June 29th, 2010

Baby Cthulu

The Annual AX Lolita Dinner Meetup Final Notice

This is your final AX 2010 Meetup notice. In consideration to all the lolis that has a table at the Artist's Alley. The meetup is going to be on Friday, July 2nd, at 7pm. This will give all the lolis at the Exhibition Halls time to break down their tables and get ready for the meet. We'll meet in front of LACC. That's the first rendesvous point. Our second rendesvous point is the event shuttle depot. So, if you have missed us at the front of LACC, meet us at the event shuttle stop.

We'll taking the complimentary event shuttle to the Second Street, or as close to the Second Street as we can, and hike the rest of the way down Second street going towards Alameda to Mitsuru Cafe in Little Tokyo.

Mitsuru Cafe's address is here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/mitsuru-cafe-los-angeles

I hope to see you all there. Let's have a great meet.

small inquiry

Hai gaiz.

I'm unsure whether to post this on the comm sales since it doesn't warrant an !attention seller tag.. I just wanted to shoot an inquiry to people who ordered from nana_jun and were on the 'second batch' list for the secret shop shoes, specifically the 9807 ones. A week or so ago she informed everyone on her journal that there were technical difficulties on her end, which is understandable. I sent her a pm soon after about my order in March but still haven't gotten any message back. That may be because she's busy but I'm not exactly sure, since there was also a communication problem before all of this had happened. Anyways, I wanted to know if you have received your 9807 shoes or have gotten any messages about your shoes, specifically from people ordering from the second batch. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks :3
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What's in Store for Fashion at PMX 2010

Hope everyone is having a nice summer so far! We look forward to seeing you in the fall at PMX because we have some great things in the works for this year’s fashion program. First, we’re bringing back the Fashion Show! And what’s a fashion show without shopping? We will have a Fashion Hall for all your trendy needs, and by popular demand we will have a special swap meet!
Pre-register to take advantage of the early bird price and start saving now for great clothes, accessories, and more… Stay tuned for details and more announcements!

Friend us to get the latest information and feel free to contact us with any questions via our journal or email: fashion@pacificmediaexpo.com

☆ Unusual photos of idols ☆

While we're still on the theme of idols...I thought we could have some fun with this ♥

We've all seen the perfect (photoshopped, shh) photos of famous lolita celebrities in the media...
So now lets share the more unusual ones, where they're looking a little less than perfect. Because idols are human too :B ♥

I'll start us off...

(Yes, that is AMO being a dork XD)

Remember: No idol bashing! We all have different tastes after all ☆

Post away~!
(p.s, I'm so curious to see candid Mana shots...Do they even exist?) yes. yes they do XD.
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Death Smiles

video game with lolitas
available today for xbox

my bf called me from work today to specifically make me look up this game. the collectors edition comes with a faceplate for the xbox! its a side scrolling shooter game, and looks insanely cute and fun.

this link has an image of the box set as well as a video of gameplay/review

my bf came home that night saying that they only had one copy of puzzle quest2, so he couldn't get me one, but he got me the limited edition of this game instead! XD its alot of fun once you get the controls down.
Collapse )
each girl has a familiar, and has different properties (some have stronger attacks but weaker bombs etc). only one of the girls seems to wear "real" loli, and thats the red-head. the green one is more maid, the blue one more costume goth, sakura is witch and the older girl is like, erotic fairy.

overall a fun shoot em up game, you can play 2 player too!

Art Post !

 Well, for some reason LJ isn't allowing me to put any picture behind the cut, so I will post a small version instead~ (I tried so many things, in 3 different browsers, duno what's going on =__=)

So would it fit this month's theme? There's a bonnet... even tho it's not the main focus XD;;  
Made this some weeks ago.. I was experimenting with 'solids', instead of usually coloring like I do. In the end I decided to pattern everything because I was not that pleased with plain colors on there. Or rather, I need better practicing XD;;  You can click here for a larger view~ 

HP.// deviantart
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medieval, me

Kind of a bonnet theme post..?

Sorry about this, I need some help locating info about a bonnet, the Meta Rose Flocky Print Half Bonnet to be exact. (For some reason I hated the dress version, but love the bonnet of this print)

I used to have all the stock pics but i deleated them by accident (oops). could anyone help me find them again? Prefebly the black version but any of the other colours would be great.
and i was wondering if anyone here owns it and can give me reviews of it?

Thanks in advance!

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wonder party

Boy Style

I've always thought about dressing in Lolita with a guy in Boy Style to match~
Then I realized I didn't know too much about Boy Style! (including which term to use)
So I'd like to request from you all your favorite pictures of Boy Style ^-^

thank you in advance <3
Közi Pissed

Photo request.

Hello there Ladies~ (And gents of course)

I am a bit in need of your help.
I am on a quest to find worn photo's of this Alice and the Pirates jumper skirt:


Does anyone here own this jsk in this specific color who does not mind sharing some photo's?
I mainly want to get a better opinion on the actual color in reality and how it flatters a actual human body.

Sorry for the bother and thanks in advance ♥
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