June 28th, 2010


Quick questions (one of which regarding Dear Celine)

Have any of you guys had any problem ordering Dear Celine items from taobao? Due to the fact that the seller never seems to be online (and an issue with one of the R-Series dresses I wanted), I had to cancel an order. Is Dear Celine usually offline all the time? Is it a year-long problem, or just a general summer thing? I was so disappointed...

Also, is it just me, or are there really few African Lolitas? By which I mean born and/or raised and/or living in Africa, regardless of region or skintone. I never seem to be able to meet anyone else... Is it just that the fashion doesn't really work well there temperature wise? Or is it more because of cultural divide and a lack of knowledge of the fashion? Or the fact that the majority of the continent is very poor? I mean, I've run into maybe one online who lived in Morocco and I'm South African myself, living in Vancouver. Are there any girls living in Africa here on egl? Or African Lolita living overseas? If there are, please let me know! :D

Meta Lucky Pack

Just a heads-up to anyone who missed out on Meta's LPs last Friday. Was poking around their sale section and noticed that Lucky Pack B is back up.
Looks like there's only one or two available at this moment (I tried putting two in my shopping cart for fun and only one went through)~
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Miyavi in DC, anyone?

I was curious as to whether anyone here will be going to the Miyavi concert at the 9:30 Club in DC this Tuesday night? :) I'd love to be able to meet up with some people from the community. I won't be wearing anything hardcore lolita, probably just a casual-punk type outfit. I don't think I'll be able to do any meetups beforehand, but it'd be cool to see people while waiting for the show to start. Tickets are still on sale, by the way :D
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2010 Otakon Lolita fashion show

Hi everyone! Good news! I just got word that the Lolita Fashion show at Otakon for American Designers will be happening this year~! I know it's short notice, but I'd love for this to be a great show.

In the interest of keeping this as organized as possible I've set up a community for the show!

Any designers who will be attending Otakon and are interested in showing their work please fill out the form HERE

And any models (of lovely ladies who would like to give it a try) please fill out the form

As Otakon gets closer i'll be posting all news involving the show in that community to keep everyone updated! 

Thank you~!

Feedback Pages?

How long does it typically take to have a feedback page made? I posted my form to the feedback request post 5 days ago and have PM'd one of the mods a couple times as well. I just really need to make a WTB post for shoes because I need a pair ASAP but because I don't have a feedback page I'm unable to post to egl_comm_sales :( Any help?

Anime North: epic photopost of epic proportions

A bunch of us from so_lolita, who were planning on attending Anime North, decided to get together and do a "cosplay" that was definitely not ita!

We decided to dress up like AP clones, with matching dresses, shoes, bags, hair and accessories. Unfortunately, our bags and dresses did not arrive in time for Anime North (they arrived one day AFTER...) but we still managed to somehow pull a (somewhat) cohesive look, thanks to swtgreentea's closet : P

Here are some photos that we'd like to share, many thanks to karen_dp and paperflowers06 for their amazing photos!

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2 Quick questions that require a quick answer

Long story short, DHL customs bla bla bla is holding a package and awaiting some answers to questions that they asked. And I'm not too sure what those answers are. So I hope I can get some help :)

I did skim through the memories and searches but the info is urgently needed soon and time is not on my side >.< The hassles of school

1: Are Bodyline's clothes *Dresses, JSKs* knit or woven?

2: Manufacturer’s name and address

Would this just be their Tokyo address? I wasn't sure where they shipped from.

I appreciate in advance any answers to these questions ^_^
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Photo request.

I was wondering if anyone hade photos of Orange/Black (I know not widely used colours >_<) , Blue/Black and Red/Black co-ords? Any help would be lovey~ (I dont mind if they are stock photos or scans or just general photos)
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Lolibrary updates!


The Lolibrary is expanding at a constant rate, but we still need your help to make this a top-notch collective of lolita apparel.

Additionally, it is our hope that a robust database of the information Lolibrary can provide will reduce the number of stock photo requests, worn photo requests, and measurement requests EGL sees every day.

We've added a faceted search to allow you to comb through content in great detail. Want to see all of Baby's JSK's with back shirring from 2010 in pink? No problem.

A lot of new content has been added, including Bodyline Lolita apparel and shoes. If you see anything you own on the Lolibrary, review it!

If you've got X jsk from Brand Y, you can leave a comment with a picture of you wearing it, and complain that X jsk was much larger than the site's measurements, and that the material was too thin. There's also a place for "owner's measurements" so that we can build up data on the actual sizing of products vs. what the brand provided.

Content submission for anonymous and new users will be moderated in order to prevent spamming. Once you can prove yourself handy with the system, you can become a trusted user or "lolibrary contributor." Once you've read the Posting Guidelines please comment here with your username to let us know and we'll upgrade your account's status to "lolibrary contributor."

We depend on you to submit data for older items. If you've got any information, measurements, photos, features, etc. to provide for an older brand item, please add it! (You'll need to be a trusted contributor to edit existing content; the only restriction on adding new content is moderation.)

Please play around with the site, let us know of any bugs, and feel free to contribute! We've set up a forum for issue reporting accessible from the right hand menu. Please let us know if you have any feature requests or other ideas! We hope this will be a place all lolitas can go, whether it's for those of us just getting started, those who wish to make informed buying decisions, or those on a mission to find their dream dress.


Harajuku Hearts will be at Anime Expo 2010!!

We will like to announce that Harajuku Hearts will be attending Anime Expo 2010 as an exhibitor!!
Anime Expo will take place at Los Angeles Convention Center from July1st~July 4th, 2010.
For more details, please visit http://www.anime-expo.org/

Due to countless requests, starting the Anime Expo event, Harajuku Hearts will be carrying additional brands!!

New brands we will start to carry are:
Atelier Pierrot, SEX POT ReVeNGe, Algonquin, and Chantilly!!
(all of the items from these brands will be updated on our website after AX)

And of course items from the brands listed below will also be sold at AX:
Metamorphose, Putumayo, Maxicimam, Deorart, Listen Flavor and Paris Kids!!

Harajuku Hearts will be sharing the booth space with Starry Candy Box.
Our booth location will be 338 and 438.

Please come visit us!!

For Anime Expo special deals please check out our live journal: http://harajukuhearts.livejournal.com/
If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email us at info@harajukuhearts.com

EDIT: We have several people asking about accepted payment methods during AX.
         We will accept cash, debit card and credit card (visa, master, amex and discover)

Thank you,
Harajuku Hearts

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Candy Kisu is a free nonprofit web based Japanese subculture magazine. It will be offered 4 times a year in PDF format either viewed online or downloaded to your computer.

We're looking to feature clothing and accessories designers, regular people whose wardrobe includes Japanese inspired attire (photos should be taken outdoors) for our "On the Streets" section, writers for reviews and articles (if you already have a focus in a specific area of Japanese culture you'd be perfect!), diy tutorials (for anything from hair and makeup, to sewing, to decorating cupcakes), and a graphic designer to make us a logo and a few avatars ^_^
Please send all submissions and inquiries to candykisu@gmail.com or feel free to ask any questions right here ^^

Anyone know this Taobao Shop...?

Since Momo Fairytale World kind of disappeared, I couldn't get my chances to buy one of their MM replica dresses that I wanted. Searching on Taobao the same dress popped up and with some other somewhat decant looking items.
( even though they do have some non nice looking items and....cosplay but...)

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 sorry for the caps lock ^^; 
I saw a little snipet of a german show called Galileo about lolitas. It was very recent, maybe in May, and had some gorgeous lolitas talking about the fashion. I had no idea what they were saying (my german is not good). Youtube has failed me and the galileo website is experiencing technical difficulties. Does anyone have any copy/translation of this broadcast?
here is the link to the website : http://www.prosieben.de/tv/galileo/videos/clip/22887-szenescout-lolitas-1.1683182/