June 27th, 2010


Plus-size? Or not? Or only for loli...

A slightly stupid question, I think, but I would like to get it off my mind since it brought up a whole slew of other self-image, self-defintion, and societal defintion issues.

I consider myself a plus-sized loli on the basis I don't fit into most brand stuff. However, in terms of Western sizing, I usually wear small to medium sizes for skirts and medium to large sizes for shirts so I fall into the average (I suppose). It sounds ridiculous to call myself plus-sized, I know, but in Japanese sizing, I probably am I plus-sized person. Not that it matters to me...but is this a good defintion? Or, to clarify, is this a definition that some people are going to understand and not be offended by?

Because I got yelled at and almost beat up for it.

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hyper tmnt

quick question-i've been out of the loop for over a year now. :/

i have been out of the lolita loop for the past year+ due to planning my wedding..now that it is over i'm looking forward to rebuilding my wardrobe. i haven't even looked at egl/plus/com sales or anything lolita related during that time so i am wayyy behind.
just have a quick question:

i see there is a lj community for feedback now.
what happened to the feedback database website? is all my feedback lost? :/


Bodyline issues

Hey guys
Just wondering if anyone has tried to purchase of bodyline recently? I've tried multiple times just to get a skirt and a dress, and when I go to check out it comes up with:

500- Internal Error
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

This is driving me mad because I keep retrying to submit my order and it's taking ages :(
credit: jaiyley

Photo Request

I'm looking for photos of the Revival Bouquet dress from the Metamorphose site.
There were two styles, an Antique Dolly style dress, and a more typical waist-style dress. I'm looking for the more typical waist-style dress (please excuse my not remembering the name!)
If anyone has the dusty rose colourway photos, those would be best, but I will gladly accept any of the photos. Thank you!
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 The lucky packs sold out and i originally didn't get one, but yesterday they had 5 in stock and i got one!!!  So i was wondering.... this is my first time ever ordering from metamorphose, has anyone whos ordered from them know how long it usually takes to get your order (usa, virginia)