June 26th, 2010

Question about my off-brand finds ^^

Well I just made a journal entry about a couple items I found while out shopping yesterday and I just wanted a little feedback. I really like what I found & I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing it, but my question is wether or not the skirt (and shoes, if you feel like commenting) are lolita?
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I'm still relatively new to lolita so I just would like the opinions of some more experience lolis, thanks for looking!
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Petticoat inquiry

Is there a difference between the Fluffy Petticoat on Candy Violet and the Deco Petti on Cute Salad? If you own both of these petticoats, please comment here; I would prefer to buy the cheaper Deco Petti, so if you own that one, please comment as well and let me know about the poof! The pettis look so similar, which makes the price difference seem unnecessary. Thanks!
credit: jaiyley

How often do you wear Lolita?

If this has been asked or brought up for discussion in the past, I apologize. I didn't see anything in the memories; and I've been a member here for a few years now and can't recall seeing this brought up.

So, this has been itching at the back of my mind for a little while. How often do all of the lovelies here at EGL sport lolita? I don't mean only fully coordinated brand outfits; but casual, or mixed with other styles as well.
And is there anyone out there whose entire wardrobe is made up of lolita and loliable goodness?

I usually dress in lolita two or three times a month- special occasions, photo opportunities with friends, or just for fun. When I'm not wearing lolita it's usually just a skirt and a tank top for me, with some cute shoes or boots. I suppose most of my wardrobe is casual-loliable, though. However, I have seen posts of photos, closets, and timelines that make it seem like some of us wear only Angelic Pretty and nothing less! This then gives me the urge to sell all my clothes at the thrift shop and use the money to buy a new wardrobe full of frills. (insert dreamy sigh)

So the point I'm trying to get around to is; how often do you wear lolita?